Yoga Fables

Tapping into your body's wisdom
By (author) Nathalie Doswald
Yoga Fables
Tapping into your body's wisdom
By (author) Nathalie Doswald

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Pages : 128

Book Size : 8.75 x 8.75

ISBN-13 : 9781844097333

Imprint : Findhorn Press

On Sale Date : September 12, 2017

Format : Paperback Book

Illustrations : 432 color halftones

A delightful practical book of vinyasa yoga and restorative sequences, each illustrated by a fable from the scriptures.

About Yoga Fables

Our lives are stories told through our body and its movement. Yet many of us use our minds to understand those stories ignoring our bodies' wisdom. Consciously embodying the story of our lives (rather than just thinking about it) allows us to understand ourselves at a deeper level. Yoga allows us to explore ourselves, connect deeply with our personal story and learn to live fully embodied. "Yoga Fables" is a book of 9 yoga vinyasa and restorative sequences for adults, which are designed to strengthen the body-mind connection and tap into our inner wisdom through movement. To this end, each sequence is illustrated by a fable, which is in essence a meditation to be embodied through the sequence. This aims to awaken creativity and fun in the practice of yoga and self-discovery, and enable embodied consciousness. Through play, an important vehicle for learning and creativity even in adults, we can understand and heal any traumas carried in the body, and write new stories within.
Table of Contents

Table of content


Note on Sequences
Sun Salutations

Yoga Fables
1. The Warrior Seeking the Moon
2. The Cobra and the Frog
3. The Warrior and the Eagle
4. The Silence of Snow
5. The Lord of the Sky
6. Mother Dog
7. The Mask of the Goddess
8. Liberation
9. Timeless Moments Inside Out

Your Body's Story
Safety Guidelines

Author Bio
Nathalie Doswald (E-RTY®200) is a certified and experienced yoga teacher, specializing in flow, restorative and trauma-sensitive yoga. Her own personal struggles bring a rare insight and sensitivity into yoga as a practice that connects the inner spirit with the power of the mind and body. Nathalie lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland. For more information see:;
Book Praise

Book Praise

"Through Yoga Fables Nathalie Doswald enchants and helps take the yoga experience to a new level of mystical practice and connection. Nathalie is a sensitive teacher who, through her own struggles and challenges, helps others to connect and align their bodies, minds, and spirits." —Debra Moffitt, Author of Awake in the World, and Garden of Bliss