Wake Up!

Stop Sabotaging your Happiness and your Success
By (author) Anne Astilleros
Wake Up!
Stop Sabotaging your Happiness and your Success
By (author) Anne Astilleros

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Pages : 240

Book Size : 6 x 9

ISBN-13 : 9781844097388

Imprint : Findhorn Press

On Sale Date : August 08, 2017

Format : Paperback Book

Through anecdotes, short stories, and practical exercises, Wake up! helps you remember who you are and what your unique mission is on this planet. The book allows you to recover the joy of living, harmonize all your relationships, and free yourself from the inertia of sabotaging your happiness and success.

About Wake Up!

Humans feel lonely. They don’t remember who they are, or what they live for. You are an eternal being, travelling along this and other universes, who in a moment makes a stop on this planet called Earth, with one unique purpose: to enjoy your terrestrial experience, while expanding Love and Joy. To help you create a life of happiness, well-being, and abundance, your Creating Parent endowed you with their Universal Principles, the Life Instructions Manual, with which we are all born, but so few can remember.

What happened? Why are we not enjoying total happiness and abundance? Since you were a little baby, you were taught to focus your attention on the exterior, only on those things adults see with their limited vision. This is how you gradually forgot how to read your instruction manual; this is how you even forgot its existence inside of you. Oblivious to our interiority and having lost communication with our Self, we feel confused, lost, and aimless. We don’t remember who we are nor the unique mission we promised to accomplish in this lifetime. Once we stop listening to the voice of our Self, we give our full attention to the voice of our ego. Confused by its pseudo-protecting messages, we take its hand and let it guide us through its own paths of fear, struggle, distress, guilt, and self-sabotage. Author Anne Astilleros, not having forgotten who she is and how to use her own instruction manual, helps us remember how to use ours. She reminds us that: • You are not alone. • You are light and darkness; you are not perfect, and you will never be, and it’s okay! • You chose your Dad and Mom to remind you what not to do! • Your ego is not bad. It wants you to illuminate it, and only when you don’t, it punishes you. • Your ego is your best ally in your evolution. • And so much more...
Table of Contents

Table of content

Principles of My Philosophy

Part One: Remember Who You Are

Chapter 1: What If You Had Simply Forgotten?
Chapter 2: Do You Dare to Re-discover Yourself?
Chapter 3: You, and Everything Else that Exists, are Energy
Chapter 4: You Are Light and Darkness and there is Nothing Wrong With That
Chapter 5: The Trinity in You
Chapter 6: Promises You Made Before You Were Born

Part Two: Remember Who Your Parents Are

Chapter 7: You Chose Your Parents in order to Remember What Not to Do.
Chapter 8: How do You Sabotage Yourself?
Chapter 9: The Roles We Adopt
Chapter 10: The Messages We Have Heeded
Chapter 11: Do What I Failed to Do
Chapter 12: Forgive them
Chapter 13: The Inherent Guilt in You
Chapter 14: Stop Punishing Yourself

Part Three: Remember How to Use Your Power to Create Your Life

Chapter 15: Claim Responsibility
Chapter 16: Your Mission and Your Purpose
Chapter 17: Universal Principles at Your Service
Chapter 18: Guide Your Thoughts
Chapter 19: Ask your Being
Chapter 20: When Your Ego Attacks
Chapter 21: Your Emotions Are Your Best Indicator
Chapter 22: Illuminate Your Fear
Chapter 23: Cast Away the Sadness in Your Life

Part Four: To Evolve Is Your Sole Responsibility

Chapter 24: Being Happy is an Altruistic Act
Chapter 25: Relationships as the Motor of Your Evolution
Chapter 26: Your Job (Profession) at the Service of Your Happiness
Chapter 27: Education for Happiness
Chapter 28: You Promised Yourself to Care for Your Vehicle
Chapter 29: You Promised Yourself to Care for the Planet

Part Five: Make Peace with Death and Enjoy Your Life

Chapter 30: Death as a Continuation of Your Path
Chapter 31: Your Live Is Multidimensional
Chapter 32: Enjoy Your Life
Chapter 33: Dare to Be Happy Means...
Chapter 34: Global Consciousness


Author Bio
Anne Astilleros is an internationally recognized speaker, workshops leader and life trainer with more than 25 years of experience awakening people to their own Reality. She is not only a true spiritual awakener but also a modern philosopher. Anne is the person behind Egolution, a Philosophy of Life. She lives in Coral Gables, Florida, USA. For more information see: www.anneastilleros.com