The Miracle Problem Solver

Using Crystals and the power of Sedona to transform your life
By (author) Kira Klenke
The Miracle Problem Solver
Using Crystals and the power of Sedona to transform your life
By (author) Kira Klenke

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Pages : 104

Book Size : 4.5 x 6.5

ISBN-13 : 9781844096985

Imprint : Earthdancer Books

On Sale Date : October 11, 2016

Format : Paperback Book

Illustrations : 20 color halftones

Connect yourself to the wisdom of the source and problem-solving happens magically by itself. Inspired by Sedona's powerful vortex energies, this is an easy and effective problem-solving method that requires just a few crystals or stones.

About The Miracle Problem Solver

The Miracle Problem Solver provides the key to solving every problematic situation in your life, quite literally with a stone’s throw. For those familiar with systemic constellation work or crystal grids, some elements in Kira’s work will seem like old friends, but prior knowledge of the method is not required. This book is for all those wanting to connect to universal wisdom and heal their lives in a few simple steps.

Kira received this method directly from the 'source' during a meditation on one of the most powerful places on this earth, the Bell Rock in Sedona. The name used throughout her work (the ‘SOURCE’ method) is therefore both a perfect fit and an acronym for its essence: Sedona Stone Oracle Unity-Recreating Constellation Experience.

• An ingenious, simple method
• The perfect answer for those seeking a new kind of constellation work
• Everything falls into place by itself
• All you need is a handful of crystals or stones The solutions lies within the problem!
Table of Contents

Table of content

How this book came about
A letter for you from Arizona
What is this book about?
The Native American definition of ‘medicine’
What can you expect to gain from the SOURCE method?
Answers from the Source: the clarifying and transformational power of a SOURCE
Who is the SOURCE method suitable for?
Possible subjects for a SOURCE
Help you can rely on for life situations
The SOURCE method in brief: a summary
Experience SOURCE at first hand: a sample session
The SOURCE method 101
The SOURCE stones
The SOURCE process – step-by-step
1. Achieving the right frame of mind
2. Defining your subject
3. Who or what is influencing the subject?
4. Assigning the players to the stones
5. Casting the initial constellation
6. Interpreting the stone constellation
7. The path to your target constellation
8. Conclusion
9. Transformational work with photographs
Another real-life example
SOURCE for advanced users
Tips and tricks: learning from the experiences of others
Troubleshooting: how to find solutions to obstacles
Progress reports and feedback
SOURCE is visual alchemy
Alternative ways to achieve the right frame of mind for a SOURCE
Modification and expansion of the SOURCE method
List of involved players: copy template 1
Player suggestions

Author Bio
A certified NLP trainer, Kira Klenke's many qualifications in the realm of spirituality enable her to holistically support people in casting off outdated life patterns and realizing their full potential. Having visited power places throughout the world, she has a deep understanding of the source. She lives in Germany.