The Alchemy of Voice

Transform and Enrich Your Life Through the Power of Your Voice
By (author) Stewart Pearce
Illustrated by Richard Crookes

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The Alchemy of Voice
Transform and Enrich Your Life Through the Power of Your Voice
By (author) Stewart Pearce
Illustrated by Richard Crookes

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Pages : 208

Book Size : 7.75 x 8.63

ISBN-13 : 9781844091942

Imprint : Findhorn Press

On Sale Date : June 01, 2010

Format : Paperback Book

"Stewart's gift is to show us how extraordinary the power of the voice can be." —Simon Callow, actor

About The Alchemy of Voice

Offering straightforward and highly effective techniques to those seeking personal healing, this manual provides ways in which the power of people's voices can improve and enhance their lives. Identifying sound as the center of creation and an individual’s unique signature note—the song of the soul—that unifies the mind, body, and spirit, this important tome urges readers to rediscover this inner sound and move onto the path of healing and the hope of creative fulfillment. Exercises to achieve peace and harmony, boost self-confidence, and add color and passion to self-expression help seekers reach their potent, powerful, and most importantly, their personal sound.
Table of Contents

Table of content

The Origin of Sound
The Voice Mask
Breath as Creator
Your Signature Note
Chakras and Aura
Sound Healing
Sacred Words and Sounds
Words Are Organic
The Inspirational Speaker
The Power to Transmute

Author Bio
Stewart Pearce is an internationally renowned voice coach and sound healer who has held positions at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and the Drama Centre of London. He has worked with many celebrities and statespersons, including Simon Callow, Princess Diana, Vanessa Redgrave, and Anita Roddick, as well as with corporations such as BBC and L’Oreal.
Book Praise

Book Praise

Your voice is your identity in sound. It is far more than just a means with which to communicate your thoughts and feelings; it is the expression of your integrity and individuality in the world! Discover your personal 'signature note' — your unique pitch and resonance of voice that allows you to tune into your whole mind and body and be more appealing and persuasive to others. Om Yoga & Lifestyle

Here are the straightforward but highly effective techniques that Stewart has used with professional actors, leading business people, corporations, both large and small, and those who are seeking healing. embody

"Here you will ‘hear’ a knowledgeable understanding of what actually works to transform. I wholeheartedly recommend this book. . . . Stewart’s work is simply inspirational!" Watkins Books

"Stewart Pearce is an inspirational force . . . he guides his students to experience their true creative potential."