Thai Massage & Thai Healing Arts

Practice, Culture and Spirituality
By (author) Bob Haddad
Thai Massage & Thai Healing Arts
Practice, Culture and Spirituality
By (author) Bob Haddad

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Pages : 336

Book Size : 7.5 x 10

ISBN-13 : 9781844096169

Imprint : Findhorn Press

On Sale Date : October 01, 2013

Format : Paperback Book

Illustrations : 102 color halftones

Presenting a wider scope than traditional how-to books on Thai Massage, this authoritative study uncovers a wealth of previously unavailable information on the historical, spiritual, and cultural connections to this powerful healing art.

About Thai Massage & Thai Healing Arts

This fascinating anthology presents a much wider scope than other books on Thai massage, and uncovers a wealth of previously unavailable information on the historical, spiritual, and cultural connections to this powerful healing art. Topics include ways to refine and maintain a healthy practice, breathwork and body mechanics, self-protection techniques, reading body language, acupressure concepts, and Thai herbal compress therapy. The spiritual and cultural section offers modern translations of ancient texts, Indian and Buddhist influences, magic amulets and sacred tattoos, and accessory modalities such as reusi dat ton (stretching) and tok sen (hammering therapy). Rounding out this thorough text, the final section features essays about actual practice with clients, written by therapists and teachers from around the world. The extensive experience and information provided in this reference book is invaluable to students or practitioners who wish to deepen their personal and professional understanding of traditional Thai healing arts.
Table of Contents

Table of content

One: Introduction
1. Practice, Culture, and Spirituality: Introduction Bob Haddad
2. Traditional Thai Massage: An Overview Kira Balaskas
3. Common Myths Associated with Thai Massage C. Pierce Salguero
Two: Mastery of Practice
4. The Care and Feeding of Your Thai Massage Practice Bob Haddad
5. Thai Acupressure and the Wat Po Treatment Protocols Noam Tyroler
6. Introduction to Thai Element Theory Nephyr Jacobsen
7. The Sen Sip: Understanding Sen Lines Felicity Joy
8. Using Your Feet in Thai Yoga Massage Ralf Marzen
9. Pregnancy and Thai Massage Bob Haddad
10. Considering Body Language Bob Haddad
11. Breath and Body Mechanics in Nuad Boran Bob Haddad
12. Luk Pra Kob:
The Art of Thai Herbal Compress Therapy Bob Haddad
13. Self-Protection Techniques for the Thai Therapist
Three: Spiritual and Cultural Connections
14. The Art of Tok Sen Joel Sheposh
15. Memorial for Chaiyuth Bence Ganti
16. The Vinaya Pitaka:
Bob Haddad
17. Thai Magic Amulets and Sacred Tattoos Chris Jones
18. Introduction to Reusi Dat Ton Enrico Corsi
Stories about Jivaka Kumarabhaccha Bob Haddad
19. The Great Doctor of Northern India:
Jivaka Kaumara-Bhrtya Gunakar Muley
20. The Reusi of Thailand by Tevijjo Yogi
21. Traditional Healers of Northern Thailand by Greg Lawrence
22. Om Namo ...What? – The Thai Massage Wai Khru Bob Haddad
Four: Thai Therapists Speak
23. Diabetes and Thai Massage: No Contraindication Karen Ufer
24. Acupuncture and Thai Massage:
26. Integrating General Acupressure into Traditional
Thai Massage Michael Reed Gach
27. “Stop the Blood” or “Open the Gates”? Tim Holt
28. Exploring Energy in Thai Massage Robert Henderson
29. Thai Massage for Multiple Sclerosis Patients Goran Milovanov
Same-Same but Diðerent Eric Spivack
245 25. One Week with Pichest Boonthumme Michelle Tupko
30. Notes from the Mat various contributors
31. Pilgrimage to Rajgir Bob Haddad
32. Compassion and Ethics in Thai Massage Emily Canibano
33. Interview with Asokananda Bob Haddad
34. Understanding Clients in Nuad Boran Danko Lara Radic
35. Standing Thai Massage on its Head Paul Fowler
36. Thai Massage on an Amputee Client Bob Haddad
37. Thai Massage beyond the Physical
Selected Bibliography
Photo and Illustration Credits Author and Contributing Writers Index
Robert Henderson

Author Bio
Bob Haddad is a Registered Thai Therapist and teacher who has studied and practiced traditional Thai massage since 1999. He is the founder and director of Thai Healing Alliance International, teaches workshops internationally, and has organized international conferences on Thai healing arts. Bob has written extensively on Thai massage, and is the author of books in several disciplines.
Book Praise

Book Praise

"I highly recommend this traditional Thai massage anthology for all those interested in healing work. This excellent book provides new insights and perspectives into the world of hands-on healing." Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D., Author of Acupressure for Emotional Healing

"This excellent book represents a significant milestone in the establishment and emergence of traditional Thai healing arts in the modern world. The breadth, depth, quality and scope of the contributions is astounding. I congratulate and thank the author and contributing writers for their diligent efforts." Richard Gold Ph.D., L.Ac., Author of Thai Massage: A Traditional Medical Technique

"Bob Haddad has poured his extensive knowledge into this beautiful text, and carefully, comprehensively, and lovingly deconstructs the art of Thai Massage for the reader. His personal and professional experiences woven throughout the book add depth of character and treasured authenticity. As an additional demonstration that this text is his gift to the bodywork profession, the book shares wisdom from more than a dozen other practitioners." Leslie A. Young, Ph.D., Massage & Bodywork magazine