Shamanic Power Animal Oracle Cards

44 Oracle Cards and Guidebook Set
By (author) Kim Roberts
By (author) Lucy Byatt

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Shamanic Power Animal Oracle Cards
44 Oracle Cards and Guidebook Set
By (author) Kim Roberts
By (author) Lucy Byatt

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Pages : 48

Book Size : 4.25 x 6

ISBN-13 : 9781844097319

Imprint : Findhorn Press

On Sale Date : October 10, 2017

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Illustrations : 44 color Illustrations

Part of the Opening2Intuition series, this set of cards and booklet describes the healing power of animal guides, their gifts, and how to glean their wisdom to enhance your life. Boxed set can be used with book 4, Introduction to Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval, of the Opening2Intuition series.

About Shamanic Power Animal Oracle Cards

Do you feel a resonance with certain animals? Some you notice more often than others? Maybe have some appearing in dreams or meditations? These animals might be guides giving you valuable messages for your life.

The Shamanic Power Animal Oracle Cards give you the opportunity to learn more about the healing powers of animal guides and the gifts that they bring with them. These 44 attractive power animal cards plus instruction booklet enlighten you on each animal's medicine and gifts. The specialized spreads allow you to discover how the power animals are working with you and how you can interact and glean their wisdom to enhance and embrace your own life.
Table of Contents

Table of content


How to use your Power Animal Cards

The Power Animals

1. Bear
2. Wolf
3. Snail
4. Hummingbird
5. Owl
6. Eagle
7. Spider
8. Snake
9. Jaguar
10. Crocodile
11. Shark
12. Crow
13. Mouse
14. Beaver
15. Panther
16. Coyote
17. Butterfly
18. Buffalo
19. Deer
20. Frog
21. Fox
22. Horse
23. Elephant
24. Lion
25. Turtle
26. Raven
27. Lizard
28. Dragon
29. Ant
30. Rabbit
31. Moose
32. Heron
33. Dolphin
34. Dragonfly
35. Raccoon
36. Armadillo
37. Flamingo
38. Penguin
39. Snow Leopard
40. Peacock
41. Koala
42. Hermit Crab
43. Squirrel
44. Stork

Author Bio
Lucy Byatt’s expertise in the field of psychic art and mediumship spans more than 20 years. She holds a first class honors degree in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College and an MA in Sculpture. In addition to teaching psychic art, she facilitates the development of autistic children. For more information see: