Seven Peppercorns

Traditional Thai Medical Theory For Bodyworkers
By (author) Nephyr Jacobsen

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Seven Peppercorns
Traditional Thai Medical Theory For Bodyworkers
By (author) Nephyr Jacobsen

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Pages : 256

Book Size : 7.5 x 10

ISBN-13 : 9781844096558

Imprint : Findhorn Press

On Sale Date : May 12, 2015

Format : Paperback Book

With the exploding popularity of Thai massage in the West, dozens of Thai massage “how to”-books have been published, yet those who seek a deeper understanding of the modality and the traditional medical system from which it stems have found themselves without resources for advanced study and authentic instruction.

About Seven Peppercorns

"Seven Peppercorns" covers the vast scope of traditional Thai medicine practices including: Thai element theory, physical therapies, medical Buddhism, herbal medicine for massage, divinatory practices, and spirit medicine; all held within the context of a Thai bodyworker’s instructional manual. This is not another step-by-step Thai massage photographic sequence book, but rather an in-depth training in the theory behind the steps, with instruction in a wide range of esoteric Thai physical therapies designed to bring practical understanding of Thai bodywork as it is practiced by traditional doctors in Thailand. "Seven Peppercorns" is divided into twelve main segments; each segment containing several chapters. The organizational flow takes the reader from introduction, overview and history, through an understanding of Thai anatomy, including element, point, and sen line theory, to instruction in Thai diagnosis, actual physical manipulations and practical application of the shamanistic and Buddhist components of traditional Thai medicine as it applies to bodywork; all in an easy-to-follow well organized format. Included in this guide are Thai self care practices and exercises as well as treatment guidelines for specific disorders. "Seven Peppercorns" serves as both an instruction manual and a reference book fully annotated with appendixes, notes, glossary, bibliography and index. The straightforward academic informational writing is gentled with moments of conversational author-to-reader comments (often humorous), and peppered with short personal narrative stories that bring the reader into the sensory tapestry of Thailand. It is intended as a stand alone manual, or as a text book for Thai massage instructors to use in classes.
Table of Contents

Table of content

Section One - Getting Started
1. History of Traditional Thai Medicine
2. Overview of Traditional Thai Medicine
3. Figureheads of Traditional Thai Medicine
4. Thai Healing Arts Wai Khru Ceremony
5. Guidelines for Traditional Thai Medicine Practitioners
Section Two - Thai Anatomy & Physiology
6. Thai Element Theory
7. Organs and Elements
8. Thai Theory of Bodies
9. Thai Energy Centers
10. Khwan (Life Force)
11. SÊn (Pathways of Movement)
12. Layers of the Physical Body
13. Release Points
14. Wind Gates
15. Jit Jai (Mind Heart)
Section Three - Disease and Imbalance
16.What Healthy Looks Like
17. Causation of Imbalance
18. Pathways of Disease
19. Elements Out of Balance
20. Diagnosis
Section Four - External Therapies (Bodywork/Massage)
21. Overview of Bodywork
22. Basics
23. Techniques: General
24. Techniques: The SÊn
25. Techniques: Points and Wind Gates
26. Techniques: Using Tools (Cupping, Scraping, Tok SÊn...)
27. Bone Setting
28. Balms, Liniments and Oils
29. Injuries and Conditions
30. Massage For Balancing Elements
31. Prenatal Thai Massage
32. A Bit More
Section Five - Thai Herbology and Internal Medicine
33. Tastes
34. Medicines
Section Six - Divinatory Medicine & Spirit Medicine
35. Divination in Medicine
36.Spirit Medicine
Section Seven - Buddhism in Traditional Thai Medicine
37. Introduction to Buddhism in Medicine
38. The Story of the Buddha
39. Buddhism and Disease
40. Application Of The Dharma to Traditional Thai Medicine
Section Eight - Lifestyle and Diet
41. Advising Those We Help
42. Lifestyle and Dietary Guidelines for Elemental Balance
Section Nine - Reusi Da Ton: Thai Self Care
43. Reusi Da Ton
Section Ten - Common Ailments and Traditional Thai Medicine Treatments
45. Injuries
46. Conditions
Section Eleven - Back Matter

Author Bio
Nephyr Jacobsen is the founder and director of the Naga Center, School of Traditional Thai Massage and Medicine. A writer of articles and curriculum on Thai medicine and massage, Nephyr divides her time between Thailand and Portland, Oregon. For more information visit her website: