Relax and Lighten Your Life

with Yoga Nidra and Soft Muscle Relaxation
By (author) Mary Heath

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Relax and Lighten Your Life
with Yoga Nidra and Soft Muscle Relaxation
By (author) Mary Heath

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Book Size : 5.5 x 5

ISBN-13 : 9781844097098

Imprint : Findhorn Press

On Sale Date : August 15, 2016

Format : Compact Disk

Mary Heath’s soothing voice cannot fail to relax and empower the listener on this life-changing audio-CD.

About Relax and Lighten Your Life

Stress and stress-related conditions such as anxiety, panic attacks, and even depression can be difficult to manage and control. However, it is not impossible. One of the four major antidotes to stress is relaxation – it is one of the most powerful, as well as enjoyable coping strategies and can be easily implemented. Mary Heath offers her three favourite methods of relaxation on this second CD complementing her book "Get Your Life Back". These are Yoga Nidra, or The Body Scan, Soft Muscle Relaxation and a Creative Visualization for Depression and Low Self-Esteem. Using these techniques you can expect to: • Switch off the stress or fight/flight response • Create a feeling of relaxation in mind, body and spirit • Calm and clear your mind, promoting positive thinking • Control your emotions • Prevent, control and overcome anxiety and panic • Reduce and overcome nervousness and mental tension • Relax and soften muscle tension • Improve digestion, concentration, circulation, energy levels and sleep • Reduce pain • Build confidence and self-esteem
Table of Contents

Table of content

Track 1: Yoga Nidra or The Body Scan
Track 2: Soft Muscle Relaxation
Track 3: A Guided Visualization for Depression and Low Self-Esteem

Author Bio
Mary Heath has 30 years’ experience in the Private Sector and the British National Health System as a Stress Management Consultant, Counsellor and Life Coach, working one-to-one as well as developing and delivering courses, workshops and seminars. She is a trained Yoga Teacher and has embraced other therapies such as EFT, CBT and NLP. More information on her website: