Healthy and Fit with Tai Chi

Perfect Your Posture, Balance, and Breathing
By (author) Peter Newton
Illustrated by Jeff Cushing
Healthy and Fit with Tai Chi
Perfect Your Posture, Balance, and Breathing
By (author) Peter Newton
Illustrated by Jeff Cushing

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Pages : 176

Book Size : 6 x 9

ISBN-13 : 9781844096565

Imprint : Findhorn Press

On Sale Date : May 18, 2015

Format : Paperback Book

Illustrations : 42 b&w illustrations

"Posture, Posture, Posture"! This book identifies typical posture-related weaknesses that can impose limitations on a normally healthy functioning body. It then shows how to rectify these conditions by introducing the intricate body-mechanics and natural postures of Tai Chi and Qigong.

About Healthy and Fit with Tai Chi

Most of us, if we were honest with ourselves, would admit we have little understanding of how to look after our physical body well. Breathing, bending, stretching, sitting, standing, walking and running seem to just happen naturally. Too often, however, we forget how to perform these functions properly and drift away from nature’s guidance, which, in turn, damages our health.

All our physical actions involve the subtle interaction of posture and body mechanics, and at the very heart of it all there lays the breath. Good breathing practice offers many benefits to our mind, body and spirit. Using simple Tai Chi exercises this book shows how to assimilate the powerful healing postures, smooth flow of movement and effective breathing methods of the ancient Chinese, to enable our body to operate again in perfect harmony with nature. Whether you are interested in improving your general wellbeing or are struggling with a long-term health condition, you will find guidance and easy exercises in this book. Additionally, because the author dissects the ancient Tai Chi and Qigong instruction manuals on posture and the mechanics of body-motion, he offers a new dimension for physiotherapists and other practitioners who have an interest in physical therapy. From the moment you pick up this book your journey to a healthier and more contented life begins.
Table of Contents

Table of content

Foreword by Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming
Introduction to Self-Healing Power
Tai Chi And Qigong Classics –The Root To Self-Healing
Middle Path Posture for Healthy Balance
The Qi of Breathing – For General Health and Respiratory Disorders
The Healing Power Postures – Shapes with Meaning
Healthy Living Form – Natural Body-mechanics in Everyday Life
Middle Path Walking – Mechanics of Healthy Walking
The “Stillness” of Self-Healing – The Untapped Source for Healing
The Science – Research into Tai Chi and Qigong

Author Bio
Sifu (Master Teacher) Peter Newton is an Honorary Vice-President of the Tai Chi Union For Great Britain (national registration organization). He specializes in remedial therapy, which is based on his extensive research and training in the medical applications of Tai Chi and Qigong. His twenty-years of experience as a Tai Chi and Qigong teacher and a practising therapist with Parkinson’s UK, Kick -- Start Cardiac Rehabilitation, Macmillans Cancer Support and Leonard Cheshire Acquired Brain Injury Unit testify to his expertise.His skills have attracted the attention of International Footballers, the medical-care profession and the business world.
Book Praise

Book Praise

"Peter writes with his heart and not just knowledge and experience. A good guide for improving health which will help readers understand the body from a Chinese arts viewpoint." Michael Tse, Qigong and Tai Chi Master

"Peter has great knowledge of Tai Chi which helped me understand my body and how to use it effectively. This new book is a great source of information to help people improve and enhance their own body and mind." Tom Heaton, England Under 21 International Goalkeeper

"Peter's new book places great emphasis on the importance of posture. Posture is fundamental in our life. It affects not only how we function, but also how we breathe and is embedded in our general sense of wellbeing. His theories can be incorporated into many aspects of physiotherapy." Maria Lewis, BSC (HONS) CSP HPCP. Chartered Physiotherapist