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  1. The Eldest Daughter Effect

    The Eldest Daughter Effect

    By Lisette Schuitemaker
    By Wies Enthoven

    The authors discuss qualities that characterize eldest daughters and why, in spite of being more intelligent, verbally proficient, and motivated to perform than their siblings, they doubt they are good enough. This book demonstrates how firstborn girls become who they are, how to give them more freedom, and the best ways to support them.
  2. Spirit Traveler

    Spirit Traveler

    By Sonja Grace

    Sonja Grace travels back through the realms to reveal history as it happened and answers questions about Stonehenge, the Great Pyramids, and other sites that have puzzled historians for hundreds of years. Her discoveries shine a new light on our historical understanding of these places and their relationship to Earth.
  3. Jim's Flight

    Jim's Flight

    By Christine Frank Petosa

    We learn from Jim Petosa’s flight to Heaven and back that life exists beyond the physical world. Providing us with insight, wisdom, and practical knowledge, this book is a compilation of Jim’s transition to Heaven, his wife’s experience as caretaker and it serves as a portal to expand humanity’s understanding of it all.
  4. A New Light on Ascension

    A New Light on Ascension

    By Diana Cooper

    Kumeka, Master of the Eighth Ray, imparts interplanetary wisdom through Cooper in A New Light on Ascension so that readers can raise their vibration to the level of Light. Each chapter explains different aspects of ascension and concludes with visualization exercises to aid in achieving enlightenment.
  5. Healing Crystals

    Healing Crystals

    By Michael Gienger

    The author presents a comprehensive directory of 555 gemstones used today in crystal healing, with clear descriptions of their characteristics, healing functions, and photographs of each crystal. This 2nd edition includes new findings in mineralogy, experiences, and research results in the field of gem therapy in a neat pocket size book.
  6. The Wonder of Unicorns

    The Wonder of Unicorns

    By Diana Cooper

    Enlightenment seekers can use the meditations, rituals, and ceremonies featured in the book to unleash the great abilities of these elusive spirit guides. Unicorns are revealed not as mere fantasy, but rather similar in presence and power to angels.
  7. The Living Word

    The Living Word

    By Eileen Caddy

    Caddy offers short meditations for daily use to deepen the spiritual lives of those seeking to expand their awareness of the divine and express it in their lives. The book reflects Caddy’s lifelong service to spiritual inquiry.

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