Crystal Oversoul New Earth Attunements

22 Healing Cards, Book, & 2 Meditation Audio CDs
By (author) Michael Eastwood
Foreword by Margaret Ann Lembo

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Crystal Oversoul New Earth Attunements
22 Healing Cards, Book, & 2 Meditation Audio CDs
By (author) Michael Eastwood
Foreword by Margaret Ann Lembo

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Pages : 80

Book Size : 5.25 x 7.75

ISBN-13 : 9781844096589

Imprint : Findhorn Press

On Sale Date : March 09, 2015

Format :

Illustrations : 22 color Illustrations

This set is a continuation of the Crystal Oversoul Attunements journey starting with card number 45. It includes audio recordings that accompany each attunement to assist you getting yourself unstuck, releasing the old energy, and getting into the correct dimensional reality. Here are 22 new crystalline mandalas that offer guidance.

About Crystal Oversoul New Earth Attunements

And so the journey continues... The Crystal Oversoul Attunements, published by Findhorn Press, explored 44 crystalline beings of consciousness through a series of mandalas, meditations and writings on their role in our unfolding journey. This set is a continuation, an extension of that journey starting with card number 45 continuing to card 66, and includes audio recordings that accompany each of the attunements.

While Michael Eastwood was writing the Crystal Oversoul Attunements, the Oversouls made it known that cards 1 to 44 would need to be released first, and that cards 45 to 66 should follow later. When he enquired as to why the cards 45 to 66 would need to wait, they answered “the first 44 mandalas and writings explore humanity’s evolutionary on-going journey from the end of one cycle into another entirely new paradigm. The first 44 mandalas supported humanity’s initiation known as the Great Turning of 2012 that would in itself birth the New Earth”. Michael understands this to mean that, once humanity’s initiation had been passed, the next set of Oversouls could be born. The new Oversouls could only make themselves visible through our understanding once the initiation had occurred and been integrated. The Oversouls further enhanced upon this: “Each of the attunements that make up the information in this set are in their own way here to help you as you navigate your way through the energies of the New Earth. You will notice times when your life-force feels stuck, heavy or restricted - each of the Oversouls are here to support you through these times. For these unsettling or deeply uncomfortable feelings are signals that your energy has slipped back or has been pulled back by the energies of the Old Earth. The attunements are here to assist you getting yourself unstuck, releasing the old energy and getting into the correct dimensional reality.” Here they are, 22 new crystalline mandalas, writings and audio recordings that offer guidance as the New Earth reaches up, unfolds and welcomes us.
Table of Contents

Table of content

Crystalline Pathways
How to Use the Cards
How to use the CDs
45 - The Hollandite Oversoul - Cellular Coding
46 - The Ruby Aura Oversoul - Robes of Power
47 - The Pink Smithsonite Oversoul - Celestial Flow of Light
48 - The Larimar Oversoul - The New Codes for the Ninth Chakra
49 - The Precious Opal Oversoul - Being of Light
50 - Isis Quartz Oversoul - Starchild
51 - The Zincite Oversoul - Awakening from the Dream
52 - The Labradorite Oversoul - Guardian of the Veil
53 - The Black Tourmaline Oversoul - Embodying Divine Light
54 - The Obsidian Oversoul - Illuminating Imprints
55 - The Cavansite and Apophyllite Oversoul - The Butterfly
56 - The Clear Quartz Oversoul - Remembering
57 - The Turquoise Oversoul - Moving through that which no longer serves us
58 - The Ammolite Oversoul - The Compass
59 - The Cobalt Aura Oversoul - The Star of Creation
60 - The Celestial Quartz Oversoul - The Golden Glyph
61 - The Pink Opal Oversoul - The Glyph of the Ancient Ones
62 - The Nautilus Oversoul - Grounding Our Light into the New Earth
63 - The Blue Apatite Oversoul - Resurrection
64 - The Champagne Aura Oversoul - The Six-Rayed Star
65 - The Muscovite Oversoul - Nourishing our Highest Potential
66 - The Magnetite and Pyrite Oversoul - The Mandorla

Author Bio
Michael Eastwood was the chair of ACHO (Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations) from 2009 - 2014 and chair of CTC (Crystal Therapy Council). He is the author of Crystal Oversoul Attunements as well as Unfolding Our Light, both published by Findhorn Press. He has had numerous crystal articles published around the world, been interviewed on many radio stations and taught in the USA and across Europe. He is one of the most highly respected crystal healing writers and teachers who continues to expand healing possibilities through crystal mandalas in highly original ways. For further information see his website:
Book Praise

Book Praise

"The Crystal Oversouls New Earth Attunements provides each of you reading this book with the opportunity to reactivate these inner grids without leaving your armchair. The sacred sites are entwined into this book which allows you to do this sacred activation work wherever you are by just reading. Michael’s connection with the Oversouls of gemstones is profound. You will find yourself in sacred temples, in glorious robes accompanied by sight, scents, and sounds to activate a heightened sense of awareness. The manner in which this work is delivered here draws you into a world where you actually feel like you are personally receiving the attunement." Margaret Ann Lembo, author of Chakra Awakening

"Michael Eastwood, with his beautifully creative cards representing crystals and how each relate to the current issues humanity is facing now, shows us how each card attunes to the messages and energies of Oversouls who wish to help us align to higher vibrations for the aura and chakras so we can best be supported as extensive changes continue to move us towards The New Earth. In viewing and reading the messages that accompany each card and listening to the Cd's, you may be assisted in anchoring the light of higher universal wisdom into your physical life. USE THESE CARDS to navigate the energies of The New Earth, which encourages us all to look beyond the fears or traumas of past life situations and to live at a higher level of consciousness and awareness of the possibilities for creating a life where we are not stuck, heavy or restricted in any way, by the actions or thoughts of others and may access our inner essence to support us using the universal values of Spirit. The New Earth experience of love, greater light and communication between people and nations is inevitable and more and more people will awaken to the positive reality that can and will be created." Sheryl Glick, RMT, host of Healing from Within

"Created by a leading authority on crystals, this deck continues with his popular set of cards that explored the 44 crystalline beings of consciousness through a series of beautiful mandalas, meditations and writings explaining their role in our unfolding journey. Now this new set of cards extends that journey with card numbers 45 to 66 and this time includes audio recordings to accompany each of the attunements." Martin Gill, Yoga Magazine

"The Oversouls (divine spirits within crystals), visit us once more in Michael Eastwood’s latest deck, a follow-up to his Crystal Oversoul Attunements. Yet it doesn’t matter if you don’t own the preceding deck--you can choose any card you are drawn to and connect with its consciousness through Michael’s channeled wisdom in the guidebook and CDs. Each of the cards bears a crystalline mandala for contemplation. The CD track for that crystal acts as an attunement to its energy, which is an aspect of the emerging New Earth consciousness, while the guidebook offers an essay on each crystal, including channeled wisdom from the Oversoul of each one. Perfect for healers and other lightworkers seeking a crystal path to the new consciousness." Kindred Spirit