Conscious Food

Sustainable Growing, Spiritual Eating
By (author) Jim PathFinder Ewing

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Conscious Food
Sustainable Growing, Spiritual Eating
By (author) Jim PathFinder Ewing

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Pages : 160

Book Size : 6.63 x 7.75

ISBN-13 : 9781844095964

Imprint : Findhorn Press

On Sale Date : November 01, 2012

Format : Paperback Book

This book outlines how to avoid being victims of biocultural evolution and the declining global and personal health and, instead, contribute toward mindful food choices and improved world health. The book includes guidance for growing organic food, fostering a supportive community and urban agriculture, and provides expanded resources.

About Conscious Food

When did growing and eating food cease to be considered sacred?
How did food lose its connection with health?
Why is our food system out of control?
What simple steps can we each take to profoundly change our world as a healthier place for us all?
Journalist, author Jim PathFinder Ewing answers these and other questions with his new book, Conscious Food: Sustainable Growing, Spiritual Eating. Ewing provides a background on the emergence of agriculture and the declining connection with food as society evolved, particularly during times of war, and scrutinizes today's "conventional" farming that relies upon deadly toxins and unsustainable fossil fuels. The book outlines how modern people can avoid being victims of biocultural evolution and the resultant entropy of declining global and personal health--and instead contribute to the movement toward mindful food choices and better world health, both physically and spiritually. Ewing discusses how society can nurture the unseen Spirit world that permeates plants through adopting nondenominational spiritual understandings, and includes how-to examples for growing organic food and fostering a supportive community and urban agriculture, as well as notes for expanded resources.
Author Bio
Jim PathFinder Ewing is an author, journalist and small farmer who has studied, written about, taught and lectured on Reiki, shamanism, spiritual ecology, integrative medicine and Native American spirituality for decades. His books have been published in English, French, German, Russian and Japanese.
Book Praise

Book Praise

"[This] knowledgeable man manages to impart his wisdom in a manner that is beautifully clear and concise." Sandi Sedgbeer, editor, PlanetLightworker Magazine

"Jim is a voice for the Earth, giving us much needed inspiration and information about living in harmony. And he is, as I consider myself to be, a practical teacher in the realm of Spirit. . . . A marvelous guide." Brooke Medicine Eagle, author, Buffalo Woman Comes Singing

"Jim Ewing writes with deep compassion and love." Sandra Ingerman, author, How to Heal Toxic Thoughts

“If you have observed the subtle, completing forces of nature steadily withdrawing from the land and our food in response to relentless waves of industrial synthetics and poisons, then this book will guide you in finding honest ways of bringing them back in their essential, nurturing goodness. Conscious Food is a banquet of agrarian insight.” Steven McFadden, author of The Call of the Land, co-author of Farms of Tomorrow

“Jim Ewing’s Conscious Food reminds us, eloquently and plainly, that even our daily bread is a sacrament. In its growing, in its cooking and in its eating, food deserves our honor and respect. Ewing thoroughly explores the reasons why our contemporary ‘Industrial Food’ system is broken, and then tells us how to mend our relationship with the earth and soil that nourish us--through careful growing practices, spiritual awakening, and mindfulness. If you’ve ever wondered why a peach grown by loving hands tastes better than a peach from a mechanically harvested tree, Conscious Food will show why that’s true.” Robin Mather, senior editor, Mother Earth News, author of The Feast Nearby

"In our current times more and more books about holistic living are being published. Too many of the authors have the theory of wholeness, yet disconnect the subject matter of their books. This is an error that Jim Pathfinder Ewing has avoided as he skilfully blends the ingredients of the land, the culture of the land, the growing of food and its consumption into one seamless whole. This is the way of a writer to whom a holistic way of life is a reality, rather than a theory. I thoroughly recommend this book and its valuable insights." Michael J. Roads, author, Conscious Gardening