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  1. Childless Living

    Childless Living

    By Lisette Schuitemaker

    Based on a global survey and more than 50 interviews with childless men and women, Schuitemaker explores the life choices people make around having children as well as alternate ways of finding purpose in life, enabling readers to gain insight into the worldwide trend of people who lead a self-fulfilling, childless life.

  2. Energy Medicine for Animals

    Energy Medicine for Animals

    By Diane Budd

    In this full-color handbook, animal communicator and healer Diane Budd reveals how to work with the energy fields, auras, and chakras of horses, cats, and dogs. She illustrates what happens in the energy fields of humans and animals when they connect telepathically and describes in detail the use of healing tools and practices.

  3. Working with Kundalini

    Working with Kundalini

    By Mary Mueller Shutan

    Kundalini awakenings can have profound physical, emotional, and mental effects, making it difficult to cope with everyday life. In this step-by-step guide, Shutan explains how to deal with the 3-phase process of Kundalini awakening and the ways it can rewire your body and mind, allowing you to embrace the spiritual benefits of your awakening.

  4. Living a Life of Harmony

    Living a Life of Harmony

    By Darren Cockburn

    In our very busy world it’s easy to get lost in the details and demands of everyday living. With these 7 simple yet powerful guidelines, Darren Cockburn reveals how to find balance and harmony in our overloaded world as well as cultivate a peaceful mind and spread kindness and compassion.

  5. The Seven Elemental Forces of Huna

    The Seven Elemental Forces of Huna

    By Susanne Weikl

    In this full-color practical guide, Susanne Weikl details how to connect mentally and spiritually with Huna’s seven element forces of nature. She provides simple exercises, techniques, and rituals to help you sense and meet each of the elemental forces as well as nature spirits and draw on them for manifestation and empowerment.

  6. Healing Body Meditations

    Healing Body Meditations

    By Mike Annesley

    Contemplate these 30 beautiful color mandalas each with a focus on a particular body part and chakra to tap into the endless power of the spirit and help restore your being to wholeness and balance.

  7. Anything Can Be Healed

    Anything Can Be Healed

    By Martin Brofman

    Detailing his Body Mirror system of healing, Brofman explains how healing a symptom involves not only release on the physical level but also letting go of specific stresses and tensions in your consciousness. He describes how to heal with chakras, thought forms, white light, and love and provides practical energy exercises and chakra meditations.

  8. Working with Chakras for Belief Change

    Working with Chakras for Belief Change

    By Nikki Gresham-Record

    Detailing the Healing InSight Method for belief change, this practical full-color book explains how to transform unhelpful belief patterns and raise your vibration through a combination of chakra work, affirmations, therapeutic processes, visualization, and bodywork exercises. Includes 56 high-vibration color chakra images for therapeutic guidance, healing, and positive manifestation.

  9. Yoga of Light

    Yoga of Light

    By Pauline Wills


  10. Sex and the Enneagram

    Sex and the Enneagram

    By Ann Gadd

    Ann Gadd explores relationships and sex and through the lens of the Enneagram, its nine personality types, and the subtypes of the wings and Instinctual Triads. She provides a full chapter devoted to each type, exploring their approaches to sex, intimacy, dating, relationships, and fantasies, as well as what can block each type’s sexual enjoyment.

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