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  1. The Power of the Infinity Symbol

    The Power of the Infinity Symbol

    By Barbara Heider-Rauter

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    This hands-on guide explores the spiritual world of the infinity symbol in a personal and practical way, allowing each of us to benefit from its positive influence for balance and harmony in ourselves and relationships. It includes visualizations, physical exercises, and directed drawing of the symbol to achieve practical results in daily life.

  2. Greek Mythology Reading Cards

    Greek Mythology Reading Cards

    By Alison Chester-Lambert, MA

    The mythology of ancient Greece gave the people their history, laws, and their spiritual support. Deities, such as Athena and Zeus, could be implored for support and guidance in times of stress. Now, with this full-color card set and guidebook, you can easily consult the Greek pantheon and receive their guidance and wisdom.

  3. The Body Deva

    The Body Deva

    By Mary Mueller Shutan

    Explaining how our bodies hold traumatic energies, emotions, and restricting beliefs, causing us pain and feelings of disconnection, the author details how to work with your body deva, the consciousness of your body, to heal a variety of issues, from physical pains to past life patterns to limiting ideas about what we can accomplish.
  4. Buddha’s Bodyguard

    Buddha’s Bodyguard

    By Jeff Eisenberg

    Drawing from his extensive experience as a professional protection agent, Jeff Eisenberg uses the tactics and strategies that a bodyguard employs in protecting a client from a threat as a blueprint for creating a Buddhist “security plan” to protect one’s self from the threat of suffering and victimization in our world.

  5. Dreams That Can Save Your Life

    Dreams That Can Save Your Life

    By Larry Burk, M.D., C.E.H.P.
    By Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos

    Your dreams can provide inner guidance filled with life-saving information. Showcasing the important role of dreams and their power to detect and heal illness, Dr. Larry Burk and Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos, a three-time breast cancer survivor, share amazing medical research and true stories of physical and emotional healings triggered by dreams.

  6. The Inner Cause

    The Inner Cause

    By Martin Brofman

    Exploring the body as a map of consciousness, Martin Brofman explains how physical symptoms reflect stresses on your mind, emotions, and Spirit. In this book, he offers an A-to-Z compendium of 800 symptoms and a psychology of their inner causes, the messages they are trying to send to your consciousness.

  7. Being Present

    Being Present

    By Darren Cockburn

    Providing insight into how to cultivate a peaceful mind through the power of the present moment, Darren Cockburn shares practical exercises, meditations, and supportive wisdom teachings centered on mindfulness, breath, and immersion in nature to simply your life, free yourself from unhelpful thought patterns, and have a calmer, more connected experience of life.

  8. Source Code Meditation

    Source Code Meditation

    By Dr. Michael Cotton

    With the techniques of Source Code Meditation, you can activate latent energy in your body to energize and awaken your higher brain before meditation begins. With the higher brain prepped and tuned, meditation is efficiently received, leading to quantum breakthroughs in higher consciousness as well as deep flow states.

  9. Plants That Speak, Souls That Sing

    Plants That Speak, Souls That Sing

    By Fay Johnstone

    Fay Johnstone provides a practical guide to rekindling your connection with nature and opening up to plant consciousness. She includes more than 40 simple exercises, shamanic journeys, and meditations to guide you on a heart-centered journey of transformation as you commune with the environment, the seasons, the moon, plant spirits, and the Earth Heart.

  10. The Animal Allies and Gemstone Guardians Cards

    The Animal Allies and Gemstone Guardians Cards

    By Margaret Ann Lembo

    When an animal, insect, or bird appears repetitively, whether in real life or dreams, it is bringing you a message. This deck of 44 oracle cards pairs 44 gemstones with the teachings of their vibrationally matching animal allies to provide guidance and messages of hope, happiness, and well-being.

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