The Language of the Soul

Healing with Words of Truth Book 2
By (author) John Payne

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The Language of the Soul
Healing with Words of Truth Book 2
By (author) John Payne

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Pages : 182

Book Size : 5.88 x 8.63

ISBN-13 : 9781844090761

Imprint : Findhorn Press

On Sale Date : October 01, 2006

Format : Paperback Book

Uncovering the roots of behavior patterns by seeking out the truth

About The Language of the Soul

Enriched by numerous case studies and years of client experience, this book guides readers to move beyond the tangled web of stories they tell themselves and others about their lives, relationships, illnesses, and disruptive life patterns. Step-by-step, the chapters uncover the origins of behaviors and feelings such as drug or alcohol addiction, failed careers, and depression. Hidden loyalties to people and ideas are introduced as the underlying causes of these obstacles, which cloud the path to success and cause people to believe the stories they tell themselves, eventually losing touch with the truth. Through the examples in this book, readers will learn to acknowledge and embrace truth, spelling out the explicit facts and rejecting the fictions they have created to excuse their failings.
Table of Contents

Table of content

What is a Family Constellation
Chapter One: The Stories we Tell
Chapter Two: Expressing the Language of the Soul
Chapter Three: Retrieving the Lost Soul
Chapter Four: To Whom Do I Belong: Adoptees
Chapter Five: Addictions and Substance Abuse: Relieving a Hole in The Soul
Chapter Six: Whose Life is it Anyway?
Chapter Seven: Ancestral Inheritance
Chapter Eight: Making Clear Apologies

Author Bio
John L. Payne is a metaphysical teacher, a personal coach, and the author of The Healing of Individuals, Families, and Nations. He is the founder of the South African Institute for Family Constellations and has given workshops in Brazil, Croatia, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and the United States. His writing has appeared in In Light Times and Planetary Lightworker.
Book Praise

Book Praise

"Far more than another good book...Walk through it and be forever changed."