Ascension Cards

Accelerate Your Journey to the Light
By (author) Diana Cooper
Illustrated by Richard Crookes

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Ascension Cards
Accelerate Your Journey to the Light
By (author) Diana Cooper
Illustrated by Richard Crookes

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Pages : 80

Book Size : 5.13 x 7.38

ISBN-13 : 9781844096008

Imprint : Findhorn Press

On Sale Date : September 01, 2012

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Illustrations : 1 color Illustration

These beautiful Ascension Cards are tools to set you on your higher spiritual path or accelerate your journey to the light. Each card offers information about a specific ascension energy or Ascended Master, guidance about how to use it and an affirmation to help you assimilate the wisdom.

About Ascension Cards

These beautiful ascension cards are designed to assist those seeking to start on a personal ascension path or to accelerate journeys to the light. Each of the 52 cards offers a description of a specific ascension energy or Ascended Master, guidance on its use, and an affirmation to assist with assimilation of the wisdom. Through them individuals will work with the gold and silver violet flame for transformation and raise the energy in themselves and others, call in unconditional love, and draw on the elements to bring hope, peace, and love to the world, among others. The subjects range from the 12 chakras and fire through Commander Ashtar and Mother Mary's aquamarine mantle. These cards may be employed in a variety of ways — such as a daily source of guidance and inspiration, a point of study for a group discussion, a source for determining which areas of an ascension path require the most immediate attention, or as a 52-step study course for ascension. Seekers may choose to work with the cards in order, to select one a week for a year, or to identify one card for intensive study. The accompanying booklet offers broader insight into ascension in general.
Table of Contents

Table of content

1. 12 Chakras
2. Animals and Birds
3. Nature
4. the Gold and Silver Violet Flame
5. The Gold Ray of Christ
6. The Mahatma Energy
7. Fire Dragons
8. Huna Prayer
9. The Cosmic Heart
10. The Sun
11. The Moon
12. Air
13. Fire
14. Earth
15. Water
16. The Pleiades
17. Sirius
18. Orion
19. Neptune
20. The Sphinx
21. The Amethyst Skull
22.Uni corns
23. Dolphins
24. Lemurian Healing
25. Veils of Illusion
26. The Gold and Silver Cloak
27. Archangel Metatron
28. Archangel Metatron's Retreat
29. The Intergalactic Council
30. Lord Maitreya
31. Thoth
32. Lady Portia
33. Buddha
34. St. Germain
35. Mary Magdalene
36. Lord Kuthumi
37. Paul the Venetian
38. Isis
39. Commander Ashtar
40. Jesus
41. Serapis Bey
42. Lord Kumeka
43. Quan Yin
44. El Morya
45. Lady Nada
46. Hilarion
47. Marko
48. Pallas Athena
49. Ascended Master Retreats
50. Archangel Retreats
51. Archangel Metatron's Cloak
52. Mother Mary Aquamarine Mantle

Author Bio
Diana Cooper is a lecturer and the principal of the Diana Cooper School. She is the author of many books, CDs and card sets, including 2012 and Beyond, The Keys to the Universe, Transition to the Golden Age of 2032 and The Angels of Light Cards. During a crisis in her life fifteen years ago she was taken on an incredible inner journey of the Universe by an angelic being. She has since become interested in spirit guides learning how to talk to hers and, as she becomes more clairvoyant, actually sees them. Richard Crookes has been working as a full time freelance artist for nearly 30 years, providing illustrations for the publishing industries as well as exhibiting, selling his fine artwork and working on commission.
Book Praise

Book Praise

The leading authority on The Ascension, Diana Cooper now brings us the perfect oracle to guide us through every stage of this remarkable period of transformation - beautifully easing us into a new era of light.

As a busy person these cards are perfect for me - I can dip in when time allows knowing that each card I pick carries an important activation to the light, and the short accompanying booklet offers a wealth of information and guidance.

The affirmations on the cards motivate you to open your heart and soul to positive energy and love in order to reach a higher level of existence. They encompass a wide range of beliefs that will resonate with a lot of people to encourage spiritual balance and growth. I enjoyed reading them and I look forward to taking more time with every card to get the full benefit of each lesson. Bella Online

Ascension super star Diana Cooper has condensed her extensive knowledge of the accelerated spiritual growth we are all experiencing at this time into 52 insightful cards and a 76-page companion book. Each of the cards contains a synopsis of one ascension-related topic and an affirmation to help contact that specific energy. Anna Jedrziewski, Tarot Wise

This enlightening kit of 52 cards and accompanying 72 page booklet pack a one, two punch that can be felt all the way to Heaven. I was in total awe at the way the author took all this amazing info geared toward spiritual growth and development and was able to break it down into such a cohesive package. Each card holds a glorious spiritual nugget targeting a particular lesson, guidance on how to achieve it and an affirmation to help us bring it to focus. Riki Frahamm in Mystic Living Today