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Browse the Inner Traditions online bookstore for a wide variety of books on yoga practice, asanas, breathing, and yoga philosophy. Read excerpts from well-known authors and experts like T. K. V. Desikachar, Shyam Sundar Goswami, Christopher Kilham, Cheri Clampett, Biff Mithoefer, and others. Shop a wide selection of the best yoga books from Vermont’s leading publisher of books for the mind, body, and spirit.

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  1. Working with Kundalini

    Working with Kundalini

    By Mary Mueller Shutan

    Kundalini awakenings can have profound physical, emotional, and mental effects, making it difficult to cope with everyday life. In this step-by-step guide, Shutan explains how to deal with the 3-phase process of Kundalini awakening and the ways it can rewire your body and mind, allowing you to embrace the spiritual benefits of your awakening.
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    Buddha’s Bodyguard

    Buddha’s Bodyguard

    By Jeff Eisenberg

    Drawing from his extensive experience as a professional protection agent, Jeff Eisenberg uses the tactics and strategies that a bodyguard employs in protecting a client from a threat as a blueprint for creating a Buddhist “security plan” to protect one’s self from the threat of suffering and victimization in our world.
  3. Yoga Fables

    Yoga Fables

    By Nathalie Doswald

    This book consists of nine yoga vinyasa and restorative sequences for adults, designed to strengthen the body-mind connection and tap into our inner wisdom through movement. Each sequence is illustrated by a fable to awaken creativity and fun in the practice of yoga and self-discovery, and enables embodied consciousness.
  4. Relax and Lighten Your Life

    Relax and Lighten Your Life

    By Mary Heath

    Stress can be difficult to manage and control. One of the four major antidotes to stress is relaxation. In Relax and Lighten Your Life, Mary Heath offers her three favorite methods of relaxation: Yoga Nidra, Soft Muscle Relaxation, and a Creative Visualization for Depression and Low Self-Esteem.
  5. The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop

    The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop

    By Susan Westbrook, PhD

    The Five Tibetans is a yoga routine based on a ritual of exercises discovered in the early 1900's by British Colonel Bradford while he was living in a Himalayan monastery. Discover for yourself the positive effects of performing the rites that have been touted as the “ancient secret of the fountain of youth.”
  6. The Yoga of Pregnancy Week by Week

    The Yoga of Pregnancy Week by Week

    By Mel Campbell

    The Yoga of Pregnancy invites you to connect with your unborn child through the mind, body, and breath. Take a forty-week journey with your growing baby with week-by-week practices of yoga, meditation, and affirmations that reflect the developmental and physiological changes taking place for both of you.
  7. Healing Addiction with Yoga

    Healing Addiction with Yoga

    By Annalisa Cunningham

    This 21-day program incorporates dynamic affirmations, relaxation techniques, nutrition and lifestyle suggestions, aerobic activities, and journal writing to help even the most hardened addicts quit. This book provides a map to a spiritual path and awakening that brings resolution, wholeness, and freedom from crippling addictions.

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