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Browse the Inner Traditions online bookstore for books on science, nature, and new thought addressing issues of consciousness, the cosmos, and more. Look for excerpts to read sample chapters and tables of contents from books by popular authors Jude Currivan, Ervin Laszlo, Rupert Sheldrake, and others. Shop a wide variety of the best new science and nature book titles from Vermont’s leading publisher of books for the mind, body, and spirit.

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    Encounters with Nature Spirits

    Encounters with Nature Spirits

    By R. Ogilvie Crombie

    In this first-hand account of the vast powers and true nature of the Elemental Kingdom, R. Ogilvie Crombie shares his encounters with the great God Pan, elemental beings, elves, and other nature spirits. He reveals how the elemental realm is profoundly powerful and possesses an ability to create far beyond our human means.
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    Ecovillages around the World

    Ecovillages around the World

    Edited by Frederica Miller

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    Including more than 300 full-color photographs and diagrams, this beautiful book highlights 20 best practice designs from ecovillages around the world to show how we can live lightly on the planet no matter where on earth we live. Features Findhorn in Scotland, Auroville in India, and 18 others.
  3. Heaven Therapy

    Heaven Therapy

    By Ross Bartlett

    Ross Bartlett shares the evidential messages some clients received from loved ones who have passed over, explains why spirit say it is like heaven, what they do, how they remain close to us, how they communicate, and answers questions around mediumship, the afterlife, and the efficacy of heaven therapy.
  4. Permaculture


    By Craig Gibsone
    By Jan Martin Bang

    Permaculture looks for patterns embedded in our natural world as inspiration for designing solutions. It is a philosophical, spiritual, and practical approach to the use of land, integrating microclimate, functional plants, animals, soils, water management, and human needs into an intricately connected, highly productive system.
  5. Earth Alchemy

    Earth Alchemy

    By Anne Parker
    By Dominique Susani

    This guide offers day-to-day applications of earth-energy work from the simple act of bed placement to choosing the location of a home. Practical tools are offered for making living and working spaces healthier, encouraging realignment with the natural earth patterns and influences on both personal and planetary levels.
  6. The Whale Whisperer

    The Whale Whisperer

    By Madeleine Walker

    This adventure delivers messages from different wild and sacred animals. Voices of the buffalo, whale, lions, orcas, and bears speak through Walker, who embarked on a spiritual journey across continents in search of animal wisdom. It includes practical ways to implement animal knowledge to help save humanity and the natural world.
  7. Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings

    Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings

    By Marko Pogacnik

    This guide to healing the earth teaches how to work with elemental beings by describing each in detail and defining their roles within the web of life. This book can set anyone with earth and landscape concerns--gardeners, growers, designers, and builders--one step closer toward becoming environmental warriors.
  8. Ask Mother Nature

    Ask Mother Nature

    By Ellen Vande Visse

    Functioning as a spiritual-development manual as well as a beginner's gardening guide, this reference teaches how to bring the angelic dimension of co-creation into green thumb work by communicating with nature. Sections include fertilizer and compost, specific vegetables, soils, and insects, and others to bring forth the continual miracles that maximize a garden's potential.
  9. The Findhorn Garden Story
    The history of the Findhorn Community founded more than 40 years ago in Scotland on barren sand dunes. Plants of enormous size began to grow in a small plot inhabited by a family on unemployment benefits. By cooperating with nature spirits they have created a thriving village and a spiritual-learning center.
  10. Finding Sanctuary in Nature

    Finding Sanctuary in Nature

    By Jim PathFinder Ewing

    Spiritual lessons based on Native American shamanism explain how to clear spaces of unwanted energy, create simple ceremonies, connect with spirit guides and angels, and interpret symbols. An extended discussion tells how to make a medicine wheel and use it as an engine for distance healing.

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