Purifying Crystals

How to Clear, Charge and Purify Your Healing Crystals
By (author) Michael Gienger

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Purifying Crystals
How to Clear, Charge and Purify Your Healing Crystals
By (author) Michael Gienger

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Pages : 64

Book Size : 4.38 x 6.25

ISBN-13 : 9781844091478

Imprint : Earthdancer Books

On Sale Date : September 01, 2008

Format : Paperback Book

Illustrations : 60 color halftones

New methods for cleansing and recharging corrupted crystals

About Purifying Crystals

The essential prerequisite for working with crystals successfully is to understand the most effective methods for cleansing, purifying, and recharging them, as thoroughly discussed and evaluated in this conveniently sized guidebook. Users of crystals for their healing energies will learn how their tools become impure and corrupted as well as how to adequately purify them from foreign energies and information. The instructions are demonstrated through a complete cleansing ceremony that can be used on all crystals, including jewelry. Other topics covered include the external cleaning of jewelry for purely aesthetic purposes and the correct application of crystals for cleansing rooms.
Table of Contents

Table of content

The Skilled Handling and Use of Healing Crystals
How Do Crystals Become Impure? Washing and Cleansing
The Cleansing Ceremony
Other Types Of Care
Protection and Purification

Author Bio
Michael Gienger (1964-2014) was one of Europe’s most respected experts on crystals and their uses, a field in which he had been active since 1988. He started collecting minerals in 1972, and in 1985 a successful self-treatment with healing crystals inspired him to pursue further training as an alternative healing practitioner. He was trained in shiatsu and completed a two-year apprentice in shamanic healing. He went on to author more than 20 publications, a number of which have become standard works in their field and have been translated into 11 languages.