Whale Hearts and Dragon Flight

Gifts from the Guardians of Gaia
By (author) Andrew Forrest
By (author) Madeleine Walker

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Whale Hearts and Dragon Flight
Gifts from the Guardians of Gaia
By (author) Andrew Forrest
By (author) Madeleine Walker

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Book Size : 5.63 x 4.88

ISBN-13 : 9781844097012

Imprint : Findhorn Press

On Sale Date : August 15, 2016

Format : Compact Disk

A collection of healing meditations for us and our beautiful planet. Profound ground-breaking techniques for personal and planetary healing, gifted by whales and outerdimensional beings.

About Whale Hearts and Dragon Flight

The ancient dragon energies are returning into our consciousness now to assist with the ascension process of the Earth. At the same time the whales offer a heart wisdom that brings invaluable insights for the future of humankind. Madeleine Walker has travelled the globe connecting and communicating with whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. The very essence of her encounters is channelled into these healing meditations for our beautiful planet and ourselves. • Learn to change and heal your past, present and future DNA with the whale mother Nazkaa. • Be guided to create healing portals for the whales and all ocean life. • Meet the dragons… find your dragon heart and journey with them through the multiverse. • Travel with the golden dolphins, Narwhals and sea dragons deep into the inner oceans to heal the earth and meet your infinite self.
Table of Contents

Table of content

1. The Golden Diamond Light Code Activation
2. Healing the Inner Earth and the Emergence of the Golden City
3. DNA-Healing with the Divine Feminine 2.9 Megahertz Frequency
4. Dragon Flight to the Multiverse to Find Your Alternate Selves

Author Bio
Andrew Forrest is an artist, composer and writer, currently living in beautiful Nelson, at the top of the south island, New Zealand. He has always been passionate about creating beauty, upliftment and expansion, through the mediums of painting, music and writing. For more info see: www.andrewforrest.co.nz