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Browse the Inner Traditions online bookstore for a wide variety of books on animal communication, power animals, cat magic, and pet healing as well as spiritual animals such wolves, dolphins, bees, and butterflies. Read excerpts from well-known authors and experts like Dawn Brunke, Patricia Telesco, and others. Shop a wide selection of the best animal communication books from Vermont’s leading publisher of books for the mind, body, and spirit!

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  1. Energy Medicine for Animals

    Energy Medicine for Animals

    By Diane Budd

    In this full-color handbook, animal communicator and healer Diane Budd reveals how to work with the energy fields, auras, and chakras of horses, cats, and dogs. She illustrates what happens in the energy fields of humans and animals when they connect telepathically and describes in detail the use of healing tools and practices.

  2. Shamanic Power Animal Oracle Cards

    Shamanic Power Animal Oracle Cards

    By Kim Roberts
    By Lucy Byatt

    Part of the Opening2Intuition series, this set of cards and booklet describes the healing power of animal guides, their gifts, and how to glean their wisdom to enhance your life. Boxed set can be used with book 4, Introduction to Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval, of the Opening2Intuition series.
  3. Whale Hearts and Dragon Flight

    Whale Hearts and Dragon Flight

    By Madeleine Walker
    By Andrew Forrest

    Learn to heal your past, present, and future DNA with the whale mother Nazkaa. Create healing portals for the whales and all ocean life. Find your dragon heart and journey through the multiverse. Travel with the golden dolphins, Narwhals, and sea dragons to heal the earth and meet your infinite self.
  4. The Little Book of Dragons

    The Little Book of Dragons

    By Christine Arana Fader

    Christine Arana Fader, the "dragon woman," shows the mystical world of dragons with stories from her daily life. She helps readers get to know their own dragon, a personal companion who will share invincibility, wisdom, and magic so that readers can grow and find their own path.
  5. Animal Healing with Australian Bush Flower Essences
    This reference gives extraordinary insights into the emotional world of animals and explores the healing powers of Australian Bush Flower Essences, providing practical hints for keeping creatures fit, happy, and healthy with safe and time saving naturopathic remedies. The book includes a Repertory of Symptoms section for exotic creatures.
  6. Animal Whispers Empowerment Cards

    Animal Whispers Empowerment Cards

    By Madeleine Walker

    This divination deck brings empowerment and inspiration in tune with the rhythms of nature and the planet from the animal kingdom. Daily usage of animal cards allows access to messages that pinpoint troublesome life situations, and foster renewed self-belief and release of self-doubt. Expanded interpretations in the booklet enhance the experience.
  7. The Whale Whisperer

    The Whale Whisperer

    By Madeleine Walker

    This adventure delivers messages from different wild and sacred animals. Voices of the buffalo, whale, lions, orcas, and bears speak through Walker, who embarked on a spiritual journey across continents in search of animal wisdom. It includes practical ways to implement animal knowledge to help save humanity and the natural world.
  8. Choosing to Be

    Choosing to Be

    By Kat Tansey

    The narrative revolves around a Coon cat, his kitten muse, and the author. Drawn from the personal reflections of a formerly depressed person, the story is inspiring for understanding the inner self, reducing stress, finding inner peace, and knowing the joys and comforts of answering to a cat master.
  9. The Wonder of Unicorns

    The Wonder of Unicorns

    By Diana Cooper

    Enlightenment seekers can use the meditations, rituals, and ceremonies featured in the book to unleash the great abilities of these elusive spirit guides. Unicorns are revealed not as mere fantasy, but rather similar in presence and power to angels.
  10. Healing Plants and Animals from a Distance

    Healing Plants and Animals from a Distance

    By Jim PathFinder Ewing

    This manual shows how to gain wisdom from spirit guides and apply this knowledge in the natural world. It describes key methods to talk to plants and animals and understand what they say, and it explains how healing and wholeness can be attained in urban and rural settings.

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