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Browse the Inner Traditions online bookstore for a wide variety of books on energy medicine, vibrational healing, sound healing, reiki practices, chakra work, Aura-Soma, and light therapies. Read excerpts from well-known authors and experts like Richard Gerber, Jonathan Goldman, Joshua Leeds, Amy Rowland, Harish Johari, and others. Shop our wide selection of the best energy medicine and vibrational healing books from Vermont’s leading publisher of books for the mind, body, and spirit.

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  1. Spine Vibrations

    Spine Vibrations

    By Karen Grace

    With this CD, the 12 spine vibrations of color and sound are fed back to the body via the brain to re-mind the body of its original healthy frequency. By troubleshooting the problematic part of the spine a person can heal a specific area of the body as well as improve a certain emotion.
  2. Star Magic: Heal the You-Niverse

    Star Magic: Heal the You-Niverse

    By Jerry Sargeant

    Learn how to harness extraterrestrial light frequencies and bring them in safely and effectively to energize and empower your life and the life of others. The most powerful, up-to-the-minute healing modality for anyone trying to heal their YOU-niverse and unleash their full human potential.
  3. Cord Cutting

    Cord Cutting

    By Margaret Ann Lembo

    Cutting the cords with a past situation or person is fully explored in this full length CD, starting with an in-depth explanation and continuing with a guided meditation and visualization that can be used each time the user wishes to let go of negative ties.
  4. Seven Peppercorns

    Seven Peppercorns

    By Nephyr Jacobsen

    This book covers the vast scope of traditional Thai medicine practices including Thai element theory, physical therapies, medical Buddhism, herbal medicine for massage, divinatory practices, and spirit medicine; all held within the context of a Thai bodyworker’s instructional manual.
  5. Chakra Balancing Crystal Alignment

    Chakra Balancing Crystal Alignment

    By Margaret Ann Lembo

    Awaken the crystal healer within you with this CD that offers self-reflection through a deeper understanding of color, chakras, thoughtforms, and vibrations. Learn how to use crystals to restore balance and promote healing and how to use gems for manifesting and attracting your desired reality.
  6. Let Your Body Speak

    Let Your Body Speak

    By Ewald Kliegel

    This book covers the self-healing properties of the body and the psychic, emotional, and physical elements central to existence. It provides a deeper understanding of the psychological function of each organ, including eyes, hands, hips, knees, shoulders, spine, and teeth, and explains how they act in concert within the body.
  7. Unfolding our Light

    Unfolding our Light

    By Michael Eastwood

    This book explores a new vision for awakening humanity that considers the changes to the traditional model of auras and chakras. Eastwood explains his childhood connection to light-beings and shares the Lemurian message of how to activate the ten chakras and achieve union with the wider universe.
  8. Color Your Life with Crystals

    Color Your Life with Crystals

    By Margaret Ann Lembo

    This introduction to gemology provides youngsters with a basic understanding of crystals, the chakras, the power of colors, and the importance of positive thinking. Each crystal has a photograph and text describing its appearance and energy qualities. Also includes visualization exercises related to the chakras.
  9. Dreams of the Reiki Shaman

    Dreams of the Reiki Shaman

    By Jim PathFinder Ewing

    Based on more than a decade of successful workshops, this resource expands and refines the unique combination of the hands-on healing of Reiki with life-changing shamanic practices, presented clearly and concisely for those with no previous background in Reiki or shamanism.
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    The Twelve Chakras

    The Twelve Chakras

    By Diana Cooper

    Regular Price: $14.95

    Special Price $11.96

    Based on the 12 operational chakras and strands of DNA, this spiritual journey shows how to reinstate and activate individual chakras to unite with the powers of Atlantis. Each recording takes an aspect of the ancient civilization and provides steps for reconnecting with the healing energies of that golden age.

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