Sonja Grace

Sonja Grace has spent a lifetime traveling in the angelic realms, communicating with the archangels and sharing their wisdom. She is born of American Indian and Norwegian descent. A mystic healer, Sonja Grace has been counseling an international roster of clients for over thirty years offering immediate stability, healing and guidance. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

Books By Sonja Grace

  1. Become an Earth Angel

    Become an Earth Angel

    By Sonja Grace

    With new information about concepts such as the fifth dimension, the angelic realms, original consciousness and connecting to the divine energy, Earth Angel offers comfort to many people who feel themselves out of place in this world, but have never understood why, or are inordinately sensitive and deeply intuitive.
  2. Spirit Traveler

    Spirit Traveler

    By Sonja Grace

    Learn about the spiritual level of understanding and clarity to the world’s most mysterious ancient sites: the cycles of the sun, the reason for specific architecture, rituals and ceremonial practices, and earth energies. Weaves together time and space and thereby links these sites to the intelligence of space travelers.
  3. Dancing with Raven and Bear

    Dancing with Raven and Bear

    By Sonja Grace