Ross Bartlett

Starting out at the age of 14 and still one of the youngest mediums around, Ross Bartlett has almost a decade worth of experience and is renowned for his evidential and therapeutic approach in mediumship. He holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Consciousness, Spirituality, and Transpersonal Psychology and is the author of "Heaven Therapy". Ross lives in the UK.

Books By Ross Bartlett

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    Earth Angel

    Earth Angel

    By Ross Bartlett

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    Meet Ross Bartlett, a young psychic who dedicates his life to proving the existence of the afterlife and healing those who are left behind. Read about his incredible psychic talent and progression as a medium from his first vision at the age of five to becoming the youngest professional medium at the age of sixteen.
  2. Heaven Therapy

    Heaven Therapy

    By Ross Bartlett

    Ross Bartlett shares the evidential messages some clients received from loved ones who have passed over, explains why spirit say it is like heaven, what they do, how they remain close to us, how they communicate, and answers questions around mediumship, the afterlife, and the efficacy of heaven therapy.