Michael Gienger

Michael Gienger (1964-2014) was one of Europe’s most respected experts on crystals and their uses, a field in which he had been active since 1988. He started collecting minerals in 1972, and in 1985 a successful self-treatment with healing crystals inspired him to pursue further training as an alternative healing practitioner. He was trained in shiatsu and completed a two-year apprentice in shamanic healing. He went on to author more than 20 publications, a number of which have become standard works in their field and have been translated into 11 languages.

Books By Michael Gienger

  1. Crystal Gifts

    Crystal Gifts

    By Michael Gienger

    Stones deliver their messages wordlessly, reaching out to us, touching our hearts to be understood by our whole being. This book suggests the appropriate stone for each occasion, be it birthday, marriage, or illness, so readers can send best wishes to those close to them with added power and emphasis.
  2. Gem Water

    Gem Water

    By Michael Gienger
    By Joachim Goebel

    Effective and healthy remedies produced by infusing water with crystalline energies are carefully described in this manual. The book covers preparation and correct methods of use as well as poisonous crystals. Gienger examines more than 100 usable crystals and 34 special mixtures, revealing their intended uses and effects for the optimum therapeutic results.
  3. Gemstone Healing

    Gemstone Healing

    By Michael Gienger

    Worn as jewelry, incorporated in cosmetics, used as gemstone water, placed under your pillow, used as part of your meditation or in a massage, gemstones promote strength and wellbeing. Crystal healing expert Michael Gienger explains how healing stones can exert their beneficial and healthy effects on the body, mind, and soul.
  4. Healing Crystals

    Healing Crystals

    By Michael Gienger

    The author presents a comprehensive directory of 555 gemstones used today in crystal healing, with clear descriptions of their characteristics, healing functions, and photographs of each crystal. This 2nd edition includes new findings in mineralogy, experiences, and research results in the field of gem therapy in a neat pocket size book.
  5. Purifying Crystals

    Purifying Crystals

    By Michael Gienger

    This guide shows the most effective methods for cleansing, purifying, and recharging crystals. Learn how tools become impure and corrupted and how to properly purify them. Gienger includes a cleansing ceremony that can be used on crystals and jewelry and shows the correct application of crystals for cleansing rooms.
  6. The Healing Crystals First Aid Manual

    The Healing Crystals First Aid Manual

    By Michael Gienger

    Gienger provides a reference list for more than 100 medical conditions and describes the physical symptoms, psychological ramifications, and correct healing gemstones for each. The book includes a comprehensive appendix with color photos of all prescribed gemstones, a guide to assembling basic home crystal kits, and a bibliography.
  7. Twelve Essential Healing Crystals

    Twelve Essential Healing Crystals

    By Michael Gienger

    This pocket pharmacy for common ailments focuses on twelve stones that cover a wide range of applications. This guide shows you how to identify the right stone for every ailment from allergies to toothache. The twelve stones selected will help you maintain your health and heal your body and mind.