Michael Gienger

Michael Gienger (1964-2014) was one of Europe’s most respected experts on crystals and their uses, a field in which he had been active since 1988. He is the author, in German, of an authoritative dictionary on this subject.

Books By Michael Gienger

  1. Crystal Gifts

    Crystal Gifts

    By Michael Gienger

    A wonderful inspirational book, conveying the message of crystals for many different occasions in our lives.
  2. Crystal Power, Mythology and History

    Crystal Power, Mythology and History

    By Andreas Gurh
    By Jörg Nagler

    The historical allure of gems and crystals

  3. Gem Water

    Gem Water

    By Michael Gienger
    By Joachim Goebel

    Easy and efficient approaches to natural gem water therapies
  4. Gemstone Healing

    Gemstone Healing

    By Michael Gienger

    • Details all the key crystal healing applications, with precise descriptions. • Lists 36 healing crystals and their properties in an A-Z overview, with color photographs. • Well-structured and attractive book design, with many charts and photographs accompanying the text.
  5. Healing Crystals

    Healing Crystals

    By Michael Gienger

    A comprehensive directory of all the gemstones currently in use in crystal healing, with color photographs of each crystal and descriptions of their characteristics and healing functions.
  6. Purifying Crystals

    Purifying Crystals

    By Michael Gienger

    New methods for cleansing and recharging corrupted crystals
  7. The Healing Crystals First Aid Manual

    The Healing Crystals First Aid Manual

    By Michael Gienger

    Precise descriptions of ailments and curative crystals
  8. Twelve Essential Healing Crystals

    Twelve Essential Healing Crystals

    By Michael Gienger

    A pocket pharmacy of twelve crystals to aid health and heal a variety of conditions