Madeleine Walker

Animal Communicator and human empowerment coach, Madeleine Walker is passionate about sharing the messages of the cetacean nation to benefit humankind.

Books By Madeleine Walker

  1. Animal Whispers Empowerment Cards

    Animal Whispers Empowerment Cards

    By Madeleine Walker

    Receive daily inspiration and guidance from the animal kingdom

  2. The Whale Whisperer

    The Whale Whisperer

    By Madeleine Walker

    Astonishing insight into animal knowledge and its powerful impact
  3. Whale Hearts and Dragon Flight

    Whale Hearts and Dragon Flight

    By Madeleine Walker
    By Andrew Forrest

    A collection of healing meditations for us and our beautiful planet. Profound ground-breaking techniques for personal and planetary healing, gifted by whales and outerdimensional beings.