Lisette Schuitemaker

Lisette Schuitemaker founded, ran, and sold a communications company before becoming a healer, life coach, and personal development author. She studied the work of Wilhelm Reich as part of obtaining her BSc in Brennan Healing Science. She is the co-author of The Eldest Daughter Effect. Lisette lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Books By Lisette Schuitemaker

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    The Childhood Conclusions Fix

    The Childhood Conclusions Fix

    By Lisette Schuitemaker

    A guide to identifying the thoughts that limit us from childhood, as identified by Wilhelm Reich ('character defense structures') – and to then letting go of them and creating our life freely.
  2. The Eldest Daughter Effect

    The Eldest Daughter Effect

    By Lisette Schuitemaker
    By Wies Enthoven

    Always feeling responsible for everyone? Chances are you’re an eldest daughter. Here’s why.