John Payne

John L. Payne is a metaphysical teacher, a personal coach, and the author of The Healing of Individuals, Families, and Nations. He is the founder of the South African Institute for Family Constellations and has given workshops in Brazil, Croatia, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and the United States. His writing has appeared in In Light Times and Planetary Lightworker.

Books By John Payne

  1. Omni Reveals the Four Principles of Creation
    An inspiring and compelling collection of questions and answers are posed to Omni, a nonphysical group entity channeled through John Payne. Omni relates that all is okay with humanity and will continue to be okay as we gently unfold our potential.
  2. The Healing of Individuals, Families & Nations
    Expanding the scope of healing from a purely individual and personal matter to one that spans generations and crosses racial and cultural barriers, John Payne sheds new light on the relationship between victim and perpetrator, be they individuals, families, governments, or entire nations.
  3. The Language of the Soul

    The Language of the Soul

    By John Payne

    This book guides readers to move beyond the tangled web of stories they tell about their lives, relationships, illnesses, and disruptive life patterns. Through examples readers will learn to acknowledge and embrace truth, spelling out the explicit facts and rejecting the fictions they have created to excuse their failings.