Darren Cockburn

Photo by: John Howarth (Columbia Photography)

Darren Cockburn has been practicing meditation and mindfulness for over 20 years, studying with a range of teachers from different religions. As a coach and teacher, he has supported hundreds of people in meditation, mindfulness, and finding a connection to spirituality, with a focus on applying spiritual teachings in everyday life to cultivate a peaceful mind. Darren also works as a business consultant supporting organizations with strategy formulation, interim leadership roles, and transformation programs. He lives in Bournemouth, England.

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Books By Darren Cockburn

  1. Being Present

    Being Present

    By Darren Cockburn

    Providing insight into how to cultivate a peaceful mind through the power of the present moment, Darren Cockburn shares practical exercises, meditations, and supportive wisdom teachings centered on mindfulness, breath, and immersion in nature to simply your life, free yourself from unhelpful thought patterns, and have a calmer, more connected experience of life.