Ask Mother Nature

A Conscious Gardener's Guide
By (author) Ellen Vande Visse
Ask Mother Nature
A Conscious Gardener's Guide
By (author) Ellen Vande Visse

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Pages : 176

Book Size : 6.25 x 9.13

ISBN-13 : 9781844091638

Imprint : Findhorn Press

On Sale Date : April 01, 2009

Format : Paperback Book

Illustrations : 5 b&w illustrations

Functioning as a spiritual-development manual as well as a beginner's gardening guide, this reference teaches how to bring the angelic dimension of co-creation into green thumb work by communicating with nature. Sections include fertilizer and compost, specific vegetables, soils, and insects, and others to bring forth the continual miracles that maximize a garden's potential.

About Ask Mother Nature

Functioning as a spiritual-development manual as well as a beginner's gardening guide, this informative reference teaches gardeners how to bring the angelic dimension of cocreation into their green thumb work by communicating directly with nature. A plentiful supply of earthy examples in the form of first-person narratives spell out the steps necessary to garden in conscious cooperation with joyful devas and nature spirits, such as allowing gardeners to consult with pests before waging chemical warfare and to seek approval from trees and shrubs before making drastic cuts. The fun, simple strategies showcased in the guide--including sections on fertilizer and compost, plus tips about specific vegetables, soils, and insects--do not require psychic abilities or meditation skills to bring forth the continual miracles that will maximize a garden's potential. Appendices include a who's-who of devas and nature spirits and a short review of the classic Findhorn Garden story.
Table of Contents

Table of content

In the Garden:
Cabbage Root Maggot Attack
A Dowser in the Garden
Becoming a Trapper
Broccoli Personality
Broccoli Advises a No-No
Fertilizers: Which to Choose?
Cotton-Pickin’ Residues
Smear Blood in this Garden?
Synthetic Fertilizer
Compost Ingredients
Compost Making
Compost—A Twist of Lime?
Compost—Are You Done Yet?
Compost—Where to Spend It?
Compost—When to Spread?
Nature Spirit Sanctuary
Whom to Invoke: Nature Spirits? Devas?
Carrot Germination
Predicting Weather
Dying Dogwood
Pruning and Thinning
Felling Trees
Root maggots in the Onions
Pest Negotiations
Slugs Strike
Quack grass
Harvest and Cleanup
Beets in Storage
Teach about Devas?
Farewell, Butte Garden
What’s a Tune-in? A definition of the tools.
Devas and Nature Spirits: A guide to help sort out who’s who.
Formulating questions: How obligation and perfectionism can get in the way. Findhorn background: Short review for those not familiar with the classic story. Bibliography
Organic Growing References: avoiding story distraction by summarizing mentioned technical procedures in appendix.
• Organic fertilizers
• Fertilizer application including in mid-season
• Green manure methods
• Insect pest management: rooting out maggots and collaring cutworms
• Energy Cleansing Process

Author Bio
Ellen Vande Visse is a horticultural teacher and consultant on sustainable agriculture who operates her own gardening school. She has grown flowers, herbs, and vegetables for the Alaska branch of the National Outdoor Leadership School and produces compost and compost tea for commercial and backyard growers. She lives in Howard City, Michigan.
Book Praise

Book Praise

"It is wonderful to come across a book that deals with the intelligence of nature as well as giving precise and practical examples of creative cooperation with it." Dorothy Maclean, cofounder, Findhorn Community, and author of To Hear the Angels Sing