Angels of Light Double CD

By (author) Diana Cooper

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Angels of Light Double CD
By (author) Diana Cooper

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Book Size : 5 x 5.5

ISBN-13 : 9781844090198

Imprint : Findhorn Press

On Sale Date : May 01, 2004

Format : Compact Disk

In this 2-CD set, Diana Cooper introduces you to the Angels and explains how they can help improve your daily life. She shares Angel stories and explores how to meet your Angel, increase your confidence, and heal your heart. She also includes a guided meditation for visiting the Archangels’ chambers.

About Angels of Light Double CD

An introduction to angels and how they can help improve our daily lives.
Author Bio
Diana Cooper is a therapist, healer, and author of several books including A Little Light on Angels, A Little Light on Ascension, and Golden Footsteps. During a crisis in her life fifteen years ago she was taken on an incredible inner journey of the Universe by an angelic being. She has since become interested in spirit guides learning how to talk to hers and, as she becomes more clairvoyant, actually see them. She developed her "Healing & Psychic Development" workshop and through this and her other workshops and therapy she has helped countless people find their life mission, to fulfil their potential and empower their lives. She now constantly follows her inner guidance and lives what she believes.