About Us

One of the world’s leading independent publishers in the fields of spirituality, healing, and self-development, Findhorn Press began in 1971 with the publication of God Spoke to Me by Eileen Caddy. In addition to Eileen Caddy, our authors include Diana Cooper, Carl Greer, Margaret Ann Lembo, Stewart Pearce, Allan Hunter, Jim PathFinder Ewing, and many others.

Originally a branch of the legendary Findhorn Foundation spiritual community, co-founded by Eileen Caddy, Peter Caddy, and Dorothy Maclean and famous for its miraculous gardens and sustainable ecovillage in northeast Scotland, Findhorn Press today is independent of the Findhorn Foundation yet still retains the essence of the original Findhorn mission: to make a positive, loving, and healing difference on both the individual and planetary level.

In 2018, Findhorn Press and its imprint Earthdancer Books joined the Inner Traditions family of visionary publishing, finding good company alongside other major Mind, Body, Spirit imprints such as Bear & Company, Destiny Books, Healing Arts Press, and Park Street Press. You can view the entire publishing program of Inner Traditions and its imprints – more than 1500 titles in print – at innertraditions.com.