Gay Conversations with God by James Alexander Langteaux

ISBN: 978-1-84409-582-7
Straight Talk on Fanatics, Fags and the God Who Loves Us All
176 pages hardcover

Representing a first in gay and Christian publishing, this provocative book presents a complete reversal of thought and action, contending that God loves homosexuals without attempting to refute scripture references. The study confronts its subject with a quirky sense of humor in the spirit of the "bedtime story," providing a rare evangelical Christian volume addressed directly to the gay community. Unorthodox in its presentation, this guide speaks the language of those who may feel abandoned, condemned, and damned while avoiding reinterpretations of scriptural passages, making the gospel accessible to a younger, free-spirited generation. Spearheading a volatile topic with candor and grace, this consideration reframes the never-ending question, Is homosexuality a sin? and instead asks the gay community for a cease-fire - to forgive, love, and help put a stop to a cultural war being waged in the world.

James Alexander Langteaux

James Alexander Langteaux has worked in many forms of communication and entertainment on an international basis. After receiving his master's degree in communication at Regent University, he worked as writer, producer, and director for The 700 Club for six years. He is the author of and

“Gay Conversations with God is a brave, engaging and disarming book that page by page insults our sensibilities and peels away the reader’s safe, comfortable and secure personal perceptions, attitudes and limits while awaking deep insights into the core of Christ’s true gift to each of us and of His living presence in those among us.... It is an uncomfortable but spiritually rewarding journey with great and demanding insights. And trust me, you will laugh out loud.”
Lisa Darden, Producer/Director Baltimore


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