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There is no need to panic. You get to decide what’s clutter and what isn’t. Newcomb suggests that readers take a harsh stance with themselves, but she doesn’t demand it. She understands. If you’re not ready to give something up, you’re not. Rather than impose a lot of rules, she suggests that readers think of de-cluttering as a journey not an event. She makes a good case for the idea that clutter-...
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If decluttering is on your to-do list, Be an Angel: Clear That Clutter, by Jacky Newcomb could be your new best friend. Using humour and stories of her own decluttering processes, this little book is full of ways to get started and continue on the journey of letting go of what we do not need and organising what we decide to keep. Secret hoarders and just-a-little-messy folks will fin...
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Thank you Jackie for getting me to de-clutter more. You proved a cobbler sometimes does not mend his own shoes !!
Anthea Turner, star of BBC’s the Perfect Housewife
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