Color Your Life with Crystals by Margaret Ann Lembo

ISBN: 978-1-84409-605-3
Tapping into children’s seemingly inherent love of rocks, this accessible introduction to gemology provides youngsters with a base understanding of crystal qualities, the power of colors, and the metaphysical importance of positive thinking. Divided into seven sections, each chakra is explored and visualization exercises are included in order to experience the chakra's energy. Explaining the perils of an imbalance in these areas, practical advice is given for choosing the best stones to restore equilibrium. Each crystal has a photograph and text describing its appearance and energy qualities, as well as concrete examples of life situations where a crystal and some positive thought affirmations can be helpful. Also included are free space sections for writing down one’s experiences and reflections, as well as a Life Challenges Easy Reference Chart.
Margaret Ann Lembo

Margaret Ann Lembo is the author of Angel Gemstone Oracle Cards; Chakra Awakening; and The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones. She is a spiritual entrepreneur and practitioner, aromatherapist, and the owner of the Crystal Garden—a book store, gift store, and spiritual center.

"Throughout my life I have been blessed with positive thought, love, abundance, and respect. In retrospect, I realize I have had amazing mentors. My parents, my sister, and a family friend – along with positive experiences in private schools – shaped my ability to see the good in everything and find the positive perspectives. I was taught at a very young age that what you think about becomes reality. In addition, the belief and truth that I can do and become anything was engrained into my consciousness. All I had to do was try. And that is how I have lived my life – with love, joy, enthusiasm and knowing that anything is possible. I embrace and practice the magic of believing."

By Margaret Ann Lembo, read more from Margaret here.

Color Your Life With Crystals is a really wonderful guidebook to gemstones for someone first starting to explore their relationship with crystals, colors and chakras. It is written for people of all ages (including children) to enjoy, so it is a rather simple book aimed more towards kids and teenagers. That doesn\'t make it any less beneficial for an adult first learning about it read though, so don\'t judge it on that alone.
Sheri Newton, Sheri\'s World read the full review here

There is always room for a great little book such as this, written by Margaret Ann Lembo. It presses all the right buttons and does the job it sets out to do clearly and simply. Anyone who has put a cautious toe in the water of crystal healing will know how immediately overwhelming the mass of information associated with the subject can be.
— Bill Anderton, Pilgrims read the full review here

Taking her cue from the children who regularly shop in her store, Lembo has created a beginner’s guide to crystals that will delight readers of all ages. — Anna Jedrziewski Retailing Insight, read the full review here

Great both for beginner adults and kids alike, this easy to read, fun and informative book is a wonderful reference for people wanting to learn more about the various properties and uses for crystals, or just to keep handy as a simple guide.
Alexandra Wenman, Editor, Prediction magazine

Color Your Life with Crystals is exciting and thought-provoking… Margaret Ann Lembo is an excellent writer who explains everything clearly and concisely. She is a renowned expert on crystals and her enthusiasm for her subject is evident in every word.
— Richard Webster, author, Spirit Guides & Angel Guardians

Margaret Ann Lembo is a seasoned pro. Her contagious enthusiasm, along with tantalizing activities, will pull children into the fascinating world of metaphysical exploration and set them on the path of working skillfully with the natural energies that surround them.
— Lisa McCourt, author, I Love You, Stinky Face

With warmth and wisdom, Margaret Ann Lembo continues in her sparkling role as teacher of the crystals, with this generous and down-to-earth guide for children of all ages.
— Sara Wiseman, Author, Your Psychic Child

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