Conscious Food by Jim Pathfinder Ewing

ISBN: 978-1-84409-596-4
Sustainable Growing, Spiritual Eating
192 paperback

Rooted firmly in eco-spirituality, this analysis and guide to reconnecting with edible nature focuses on how modern people can regain Spirit in food individually and collectively. The author provides a background on the emergence of agriculture and the declining connection with food as society evolved, particularly during times of war, and scrutinizes today's "conventional" farming that relies upon deadly toxins and unsustainable fossil fuels.

The book outlines how modern people can avoid being victims of biocultural evolution and the resultant entropy of declining global and personal health — and instead contribute to the movement toward mindful food choices and better world health, both physically and spiritually.

The author discusses how society can nurture the unseen Spirit world that permeates plants through adopting nondenominational spiritual understandings, and includes how-to examples for growing organic food and fostering a supportive community and urban agriculture, as well as recipes and notes for expanded resources.

Jim Pathfinder Ewing

Jim PathFinder Ewing (Nvnehi Awatisgi) is an internationally recognized author of books on shamanism and energy medicine, with books published in English, German, Russian and Japanese. He has written four books and numerous articles on Shamanism, Reiki, Native American Spirituality, Sacred Ceremony and Energy Medicine.He has written for, Awareness, Planet Lightworker, Smash!, Spirit of Ma'at, and Voice of the New Earth'. He lives in Lena, Mississippi, where he also runs a commercial organic farm with his wife.

"A little bit about me? The beginning, I guess, is a good place to start.

Growing up, I had a gift that I considered a curse in being able to see distant and often future events while asleep in nightly dreaming.

Most of my life I spent trying to block this ability after experiencing an embarrassing and confusing childhood because of the difficulties it caused. But in 1992, that all changed after I fell out of a tree and shattered my left leg. The excruciating, chronic, constant pain in my leg forced me to take the healing path, where any and all methods to find relief were explored.

That’s how I got the name “Pathfinder.” But, maybe that’s another story.

The bottom line is that I tried many things, some that worked, and some that didn’t, and after a few years, wrote it all down in a book that could have been titled More Than Anyone Would Want to Know About Energy Medicine. I had an editor, who was also my agent, who lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and we were quite unsuccessful in interesting potential publishers in this voluminous manuscript, so I spent hour upon hour trying to winnow it down to something useful."

By Jim PathFinder Ewing, continue reading here.

It was thousands of years ago, as civilization emerged and societies formed by humans strengthened, that our connection to the food we eat began to weaken. Now there is a movement afoot to reclaim that connection. Sometimes called eco-spirituality, sometimes called spiritual ecology, increasing numbers of people are concerned about how their food is grown and how that growing process affects the earth.
Anna Jedrziewski, Inanna Works, read the full review here

When I read a book for review I put markers in pages that are particularly interesting. However I soon had to stop that with Conscious Food as I realised I was ‘marking’ nearly every page!
From 8,000 BCE with the cultivation of barley in Southern Turkey; through the Essenes of 135 BCE to AD70 and the Gnostic Gospels; through the Celts; through The Council of Nicaea, convened by the Emperor Constantine in AD 325. From the Puritan immigrants from Great Britain to the technological changes characterized by the expansion of the railways in the United States, through the emergence of permaculture in 1959. To today when “only a handful of corporations in the modern United States control the nation’s food distribution system …” Jim Pathfinder Ewing tells the story of agriculture and food and lets us know that that there is a better way forward.
June Kent, Indie Shaman Magazine read the full review here

The world has less connection to its agriculture than ever before. Conscious Food: Sustainable Growing, Spiritual Eating is a blend of spiritual health and eating and gardening from Jim Pathfinder Wing as he criticizes many modern farming methods and encourages a more spiritual approach to gardening, channeling the spirit of the plants we work with. A spiritual and metaphysical approach to organic gardening, Conscious Food is a valuable alternative take on gardening and agriculture.
— James A Cox, Midwest Book Review

In our current times more and more books about holistic living are being published. Too many of the authors have the theory of wholeness, yet disconnect the subject matter of their books. This is an error that Jim Pathfinder Ewing has avoided as he skilfully blends the ingredients of the land, the culture of the land, the growing of food and its consumption into one seamless whole. This is the way of a writer to whom a holistic way of life is a reality, rather than a theory. I thoroughly recommend this book and its valuable insights.

— Michael J. Roads, Conscious Gardening

Jim Ewing’s Conscious Food reminds us, eloquently and plainly, that even our daily bread is a sacrament. In its growing, in its cooking and in its eating, food deserves our honor and respect. Ewing thoroughly explores the reasons why our contemporary ‘Industrial Food’ system is broken, and then tells us how to mend our relationship with the earth and soil that nourish us – through careful growing practices, spiritual awakening, and mindfulness. If you’ve ever wondered why a peach grown by loving hands tastes better than a peach from a mechanically harvested tree, Conscious Food will show why that’s true.
— Robin Mather, senior editor, Mother Earth News, author of The Feast Nearby and A Garden of Unearthly Delights

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