The Confident Creative by Cat Bennett

ISBN: 978-1-84409-185-0
Drawing to Free the Hand and Mind
128 pages paperback, 67 color illustrations, 47 black & white illustrations

Gold Medal Winner of the 2011 Nautilus Awards!

The Confident Creative uses specific exercises tested and developed by The Saturday Morning Drawing Club in Boston, exercises that are guaranteed to nurture the imagination, free the mind, and explore the excitement of visual expression. This is not the “drawing” we learned in grade school!

In these pages you’ll find that there are many ways to draw, from making marks to drawing from life and imagination – and you'll discover that everyone can do it and enjoy it. Both the beginner and the practiced artist will find ways to grow skills and take creative leaps. The practice of drawing and making art in a mindful yogic way connects us with our higher selves from which we can create whatever we wish with confidence.

The book is filled with inspirational art from a variety of artists, all of whom go beyond literal rendering and into the realm of powerful personal expression. Artists, writers, musicians and all who wish to live creative, authentic lives will find ways to grow creative confidence here.

Cat Bennett
Cat Bennett is an artist and professional illustrator whose work has appeared in such publications as the Atlantic, the Boston Globe, the New York Times, and Time magazine. She teaches the Saturday Morning Drawing Club at the Arsenal Center for the Arts in Boston. She lives in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Her book "The Confident Creative" won the Gold Medal in the prestigious Nautilus Books Awards in 2011.

For more information, see Cat's Author Page.

"Cat Bennett's The Confident Creative… will help you jump-start your dormant self-expression, big-time."
Christian Science Monitor, read the full review here

"The book is recommended to all who have ever scribbled, dabbled, or messed about by putting lines, circles, or squiggles on paper. The simple techniques and practices show anyone how to lose self-consciousness and become more focused and creative."
Richard D. Wright, New Age Retailer read the full review here

"Cat Bennett suggests that drawing, or artistic activity generally, is like meditation and the spiritual aspects of yoga. It creates a single point of focus and when one is fully engaged the distractions of the outside world are ignored. For a period the artist is “in the zone”, as sportsmen call it, when nothing else matters and the mind is totally at one with the task in hand."

Martin P Wilson, Suite 101. Read the full review here

"In this creatively inspired recording, I will be interviewing artist, author and creativity teacher Cat Bennett on how you can open your life to the creative gifts you came in with..."

Damien Senn interviews Cat for People You Should Meet here

Read a great article by Cat in theHuffingtonpost

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