Angels of Peace

by Diana Cooper

There is a story about a man who walked along the edge of the ocean, picking up beached starfish and throwing them back into the water. When someone said, 'Why do you bother? It can't possibly make a difference,' he gently replaced another in the ocean and replied, quietly. 'It sure made a difference to that one.' The Angels of Peace wish you to know how you can make a difference to peace on Earth.

Some years ago beautiful Angels of Peace approached me. They were luminous creamy-white beings, with soft feathery wings. They stood about eight-foot tall and emanated a sense of total peace and stillness.They asked me to impart this message to those who would listen. 'Peace must be spread and it can only start within individuals who are ready to forgo their power struggle with others. Peace is surrender to spirit, not proving you are better than another.'Then they suggested that everyone be asked to make a corner of their home into a peace corner, a space in which you think only peaceful thoughts. It can be as small as one chair in the house but having chosen the spot never approach it unless your thoughts are centered and peaceful. From that little corner peace will spread, filling and protecting your home.

A mother of a thirteen-year old girl told me that she and her husband were in considerable conflict and their two sons quarreled incessantly. Their young teenage daughter decided to create a peace corner. She chose a chair and sat in it every day, thinking peaceful thoughts and asking the Angels of Peace to help her. Her mother told me that the effect of the household was amazing. A balm spread through the family. Within a short space of time the boys had literally stopped quarreling and become friends, while she and her husband had resolved all their difficulties. She added that you could feel the peace as you walked into their house and now each one of them took time to sit in the peace chair.

If you create a peace corner in your village or city, where you think peaceful thoughts as you pass, the Angels of Peace will be able to anchor peace at that point and everyone who walks through it will be touched. It is even more effective if you ask friends to do this with you.

Like all Spiritual Beings of Light, the Peace Angels are waiting and longing to help but cannot do so under

Spiritual Law unless they are asked. A lady shared this story during a phone in. Her beloved father had died and she was devastated. She did not know how she could cope with the funeral. When she went to bed, in desperation, she asked the angels to help. That night an angel came into her dream and she heard hymns being sung around her. She felt total peace and this feeling stayed with her and sustained her through the funeral.Angels often sing over you when you are asleep at night. If you ask them to they will do so more often. The music heals you and fills you with peace.

Every time you think with compassion of a person, place or situation in need of help, you create a bridge of light along which the angels can travel in order to help, if you ask them to.During the war in Bosnia, a politician told me that he would be visiting a refugee camp there. That afternoon five hundred people gathered in London to create a rainbow bridge to Kosovar, inviting the angels to use it to do what they could to help. The politician later wrote to me and told me that the camp, where 50,000 frantic people, who had undergone unbelievable suffering and loss were housed, emanated an atmosphere of darkness. He felt a sense of dread as he entered and listened to the litany of ghastly stories from the anxious people. In his words, 'Then something wonderful happened. The clouds cleared and an extraordinary light suffused the camp. The camp became alive with people walking arm in arm. There was laughter, warmth and dignity. The mood was almost exultant.' The politician left with a sense of hope. When he checked the timing it was absolutely precise. The change happened at the moment we sent the light from London. Individually and collectively we can, with the help of the angels, create peace on Earth.

Whenever you send out thoughts of love, compassion and peace; whenever you forgive another or have empathy with someone, you activate the Spiritual Law of Grace. Grace transmutes the karma of others and adds light to the world. You make a difference to that person. Of course, whatever you offer another, you receive for yourself. You cannot give love away for it inevitably comes back to you multiplied and enhances your life. The more love, peace,empathy, joy, compassion and light you give out, the more credit you accrue in your karmic bank account. Your soul can call on this when you need it and you then become a 'lucky' person.

Working with the Angels of Peace

To create a Peace Corner

Choose a corner of your house where you only have thoughts of peace. Invite the Angels of Peace to spread their energy through your home. Create bridges of light by sending thoughts of peace to people, places and situations so that the angels can access them.

To create a Peace Altar

Place a cloth on a small table or chest. On it you may have a candle, incense, crystals, flowers, feathers, or pictures of loved ones to raise the vibration. An angel bowl.Find a beautiful bowl and place it on your altar. Lovingly write the names of anyone you wish the Angels of Peace to enfold in their wings. Put the names in your angel bowl and know that the angels will help them.

Diana Cooper