About Findhorn Press

Findhorn Press is an independent publishing house in northeast Scotland which offers books, sets of cards, cds and dvds that cover a wide range of 'mind-body-spirit' topics such as nature, spirituality, alternative health (for both people and for animals), self-help, etc. We publish under 3 different 'imprints': Findhorn, Camino Guides (which focuses on guidebooks for pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela) and Earthdancer (holistic, mostly crystal, healing, and the nature/angelic kingdoms).

Findhorn Press today works in ways that are very different than the early Findhorn Publications worked producing Eileen Caddy’s guidance, the first book being God Spoke to Me in 1971 and still in print today! Then inspiration for most books came from Eileen Caddy’s guidance, along with a few books by other Findhorn Community authors, in particular David Spangler. Then all books were edited, designed, printed and bound in the small publications building at the Park, Findhorn.

Findhorn Press in the 21st century embraces online processes and includes staff, production and distribution in many locations – the network of a modern independent publisher embracing the opportunities and rising to the challenges and opportunities of today’s book market. We are lighter on the planet and quicker to market!

The essence of Findhorn Press endures: to make a positive, loving and healing difference for you and our world. We are dedicated to making books that matter, products that make a difference including cards, CDs (and mp3s) and DVDs. We have hope and optimism. We bring that into our work and thus out into the planet. The books and other products that we offer you are filled with the spirit of love, peace, healing and joy – so that you will be too.

Some of our authors have written many books — Diana Cooper, Stewart Pearce, John Brierley, Allan Hunter and Jim PathFinder Ewing to name but a few. Others may be less famous but we think they have something special to say. Please do explore our web site, hopefully you will find something of interest. Do subscribe to our newsletter (there's a sign up at the bottom of this page), that way you’ll receive regular monthly update of news, reviews and featured titles. Check out our Facebook page where you will find a thriving on-line community of our authors and friends.

Findhorn Press offers concrete tools and advice for making life a more conscious and satisfying experience. We serve our planet by always working with love, bringing this into your life with every new author, every new title. It further manifests when you re-read a favorite book or introduce a friend to Findhorn Press. Share the blessings!

For the past 40+ years we have grown and changed. But we will always remember where we came from. The trust and love of our relationship with you over the decades grounds us and strengthens us. Because of that, it’s easier to plan for a future, which some call uncertain, and know that Findhorn Press will of course still be on the cutting edge of positive individual and planetary change.

There are a wide range of free-lance editors, designers and typesetters who regularly work for Findhorn Press, around a core team comprised of:

mieke Mieke Wik
Trade Accounts Manager
Mieke joined Findhorn Press in March 2006. She has lived in a number of European countries, including her home country Belgium. (By the way, she is Flemish, not French speaking!) She has many years experience working with accounts and administration, both in her and her partner Stephan’s business, and for a charity. She started off working very part time, but is taking on more responsibilities as time goes by and Findhorn Press customer service, stock management and accounts are her main activity. Her other interests are: dancing 5 Rhythms, hill walking, reflexology and massage.

gail Gail Torr
Marketing and Sales Manager, US and Canada
Gail hails from sunny Rotherham, England, but has now lived in Los Angeles for almost 20 years. She is in charge of marketing and publicity in the United States and Canada and loves being a part of the Findhorn Press team. She especially enjoys working with the authors and gets a kick out of every article, review, radio show or TV interview she is able to generate for them. Every other hour of her day is spent nurturing her family.

thierry Thierry Bogliolo
Publisher and managing director
Thierry joined Findhorn Press in July 1994, having previously lived and worked in the Findhorn community for 7 years. His main focus is production, and as such he spends a good deal of time corresponding with authors, editors, graphic designers, printers and distributors. He mostly works from his home-office in the southwest of France but regularly goes back to Findhorn to work with the rest of the team.

carol Carol Shaw
Marketing & Publicity Manager
Carol arrived at Findhorn in 1977 along with her husband and, then, 7 year old son. She joined the Press in July 1998 and is responsible for customer service, marketing and publicity and supplying information on our books to the media. Her great passion is alpine plants and, along with her husband, she is an active member of the Scottish Rock Garden Club. Her holidays take her to the mountain areas of Europe and beyond to look at the plants in situ, photographing them to be able to share the information with others.

sabine Sabine Weeke
Rights Manager
Sabine has worked in several areas of publishing in her native Germany. After spending some time in the Findhorn Community she joined the team in 2002 and is responsible for all foreign rights — in other words, she is in charge of convincing publishers around the world to translate and publish our books in their respective language/country. She also puzzles her way through the thousand+ submissions a year we receive from hopeful authors. She loves Scotland and spends much of her time in nature and dancing.