Your Pets' Past Lives by Madeleine Walker

ISBN: 978-1-84409-572-8
and How they Can Heal You, 144 pages, 25 colour photos

An investigation into animals and past-life healing, this work delves deep into the profound connections between people and their non-human companions. Using groundbreaking case studies of animals reincarnating in order to heal and release the past life traumas between them and their human counterparts, this book explains how animals travel through time with people in different guises to help them on their soul journeys. From an animal therapist with expertise in pet and human regression, this guide instructs on accepting physical and emotional healing from pets and how to relieve the trauma of bereavement by recognizing past animals’ past incarnations. Filled with inspiration and compassion, this resource will bring comfort to anyone who has felt the devastation of losing a pet.

Madeleine Walker

Madeleine Walker is one of the world’s leading animal intuitives and healers. Her writing has appeared in various magazines, and she has been featured on several animal documentaries. She is the author of An Exchange of Love and writes the “Paws for Thought” column for Vision magazine and the Holistic Healing column for

Your Pets’ Past Lives and How They Can Heal You

Have you ever thought that the only ‘person’ who truly understands you or knows exactly where you’re coming from is your pet? I had a miserable time at school, and I would come home and just cuddle my old corgi Rufus. He instinctively knew just what to do to cheer me up; as I sought solace in his company, he’d either play the court jester, or just let me sob into his fur. He’d daze deep into my eyes with such a knowing look, as though he understood exactly what I was feeling. So many people say to me that they feel their pet is their soulmate and that they have better relationships and feelings of unconditional love with them than with any human counterpart. Why is this? Why can we love our animals unreservedly and feel that love reciprocated on such deep levels? Why are they so important to us?

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Put your hands up if you have ever looked into a pet\'s eyes and felt a familiarity that seems to run deeper than your current relationship?
Do you get the feeling that your animal companion chose you rather than the other way round?
Jude Dickinson, Paradigm Shift Magazine. Read the full review here

I highly recommend this book for a look into a new dimension of our experiences with our pets and for more explanations of death from the animals point of view
— Catherine Ferguson, pet psychic, Waterfront Weekly.

Many people who have companion animals and who are on their spiritual path believe their pets have been with them before. This book speaks eloquently to this experience and addresses the deep connection people have with their pets. The author is an animal therapist with expertise in pet and human regression and the book is full of stories sure to enlighten, inform, and inspire.
She talks about how our animals can help us heal past life traumas as well as help us heal physical and emotional issues we might be facing in this lifetime. Reading this book can also support people during the time of grieving the loss of their pet. This is a great book for anyone who enjoys and loves animals.
—New Spirit Journal

It's a fact that pet owner's often develop incredibly strong emotional relationships with their pets and any emotional relationship is then invested with the power to heal. More than this, author Madeleine Walker pushes the boundaries even further into the realms of past lives. As a means for learning about our selves this subject contains great depth and meaning, put our pets into the picture and the effect is increased significantly. You may well need to suspend disbelief and work with your intuition when accepting what this book has to say and the end result is remarkable. A combination of theory and anecdotal evidence is offered here in a matter of fact style of presentation.
Maggie Goodchild, Pilgrims

Full of interesting real life accounts (including follow up visits), of people and their connection with animals, plus the fascinating synchronicities that exist in life. Whether you have an interest in animals or not, this book will open you to new possibilities, that can bring healing/change into your life. Highly recommended, a must read.
— Martin, Amazon

In this book, Madeleine Walker raises several issues my pet-owner clients wonder about. They ask if pets reincarnate, then whether they will see their departed pets again, and if so, how they will recognize them. Chapter 5, "Will we meet again? How will we know?" answers those questions specifically and in detail, while another chapter discusses whether our pets will return as the same species.
— Catherine Ferguson, Retailing Insight read the full review here

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